Everywhere in the world, eCommerce plays a pivotal role in the lives of people. In Australia alone, the growth of the eCommerce industry has expanded to 15.1% in the year 2019.

The evolving services of online purchases ranging from groceries to clothes have had a tremendous impact on shipping services. There are a lot of shipping options through both local and interstate transport in Australia. Though with the booming eCommerce industry, there was a need for more transport services which ensured faster delivery of the parcels. Customer requirements for flexible and affordable options demanded this increase.

There have been a lot of global shipping companies on the rise, promoting eCommerce in Australia. However, the Australian postal services have also come up with various ideas, which makes them an efficient competitor in the field. In this article, glance through the numerous shipping options available in Australia. 

  1. Australian Postal Corporation: They are also known as the Australian Post, a government business enterprise with its head office in Bourke Street, Melbourne. They offer many options for the delivery of letters, emails, customer communications, parcels and many more. 

They also have e-parcel services where people can ship consignments to anywhere across the globe. They have a customer care service and tracking facilities for ensuring a satisfactory delivery.

They are also suitable in aiding online retailers as they use online payment gateways to receive payments. They have a variety of options for delivery and various types of discounts. Moreover, it is an employment opportunity for a lot of people in Australia. 

  1. Container Transport Services: It would be a herculean task to ship large containers both locally or for interstate delivery, considering the space that it would require. Various companies are taking up this assignment, especially interstate transport. Two main routes for delivery are road and rail, or its combinations.

Road Services: This is a specialised transport service that services both local and national deliveries. They are also cost-effective, as they employ large earth-moving equipment for multiple shipping. The services ensure that the necessary permits and transportation of oversized hauls are present to guarantee a seamless delivery experience.

Rail Services: Rail services, along with road transport, is used to transport containers anywhere in Australia. It is a guaranteed option, with door to door services concerning container transport, hire, storage, branding and modifications.

  1. International Shipping Services: There are various shipping companies which are exclusively for shipping deliveries internationally. There is a declared value for each item and flexible payment methods for every parcel that is to be shipped. In the same way, import services are also available. 

Shipping Restrictions in Australia

Even though there are a variety of options available for shipping in Australia, there exist specific items that cannot be shipped or imported. They include weapons, daggers, live guns and live animals. There are also restrictions on transporting food and drink like, herbal tea, and currency. To ship in alcohol, one would have to shell out the duty charges first.


Shipping services have evolved in Australia to help people with all their problems concerning connectivity. There are facilities available to ship products, both large and small. The customer friendly services and cost-effective nature of the services offered by the companies are an added advantage to the people.