Are Online Reviews Good or Bad for Business?

You have heard how online stores are making good sales, and you want to give it a try. Online platforms give businesses a chance to interact with prospective customers from all over the world. And while you may get an in-person review at the store, online reviews have more impact on sales.

Peer review is one promotional aspect that cannot be overlooked. Inevitably, most online shoppers will first read the reviews before their first purchase.

While this may sound great, you can’t overlook the fact that some people may give your product negative reviews, which could affect purchase decisions. Considering that various platforms allow quick reviews from customers, always be on the lookout for their feedback and address their complaints as they arise.

How Do Online Reviews Affect Businesses?

Before you dismiss the reviews on your product page, Forbes magazine reported that almost 90 percent of buyers trust an online review as they would a one-on-one reference. That number is enough to make your company and product successful on the market if only you manage the reviews on your website well. Let’s look at three types of reviews:

  • Unprompted reviews come from customers who are satisfied with their purchases that they go to the online store where they made the purchase or on their social media accounts and post a fantastic endorsement for your product. This is an excellent kind of publicity for you, and as a customer-service-oriented firm, it is strongly recommended that you personally thank these individuals and encourage their ongoing patronage.
  • You can also seek out freelancing reviewers or reviewers with an online company. These write reviews in exchange for your goods. In order to achieve client confidence, these evaluations must be 100 percent legitimate, which means they cannot only focus on the good aspects of your product. They must also include disclaimers in their evaluations so that potential customers understand they received the goods in exchange for a service. If you see that you are not receiving any reviews or traction on a product, this is an excellent approach to call attention to it. However, if you have a highly popularly reviewed item, avoid prompted reviews because they are not seen as trustworthy.
  • Negative reviews could mean loss of potential customers. However, these reviews could do more good than harm if only you properly address them. Knowing how to address customers’ complaints is essential in assuring them that they are purchasing from the right company.

According to research, when engaging directly with a consumer without blaming the online review, addressing the issue via email is the best option. It displays that you not only appreciate the client’s issue but that you are prepared to handle it. Addressing a negative review publicly or privately gives the reviewer peace of mind that the damaged product is replaceable.

Unlike in-store purchases, people cannot feel the quality and cannot debate the possibility of a return with a sales assistant. Therefore you must ensure that you are renowned for excellent customer service with your online returns and sales. As internet buyers ourselves, we are usually wary of buying from a store with many unaddressed negative reviews, or worse, attempts to humiliate the reviewer.

Increase Trust and Naturally, Sales

Receiving many reviews might be intimidating, but it can also help you increase your consumer base more quickly. If you recall, Forbes disclosed the proportion of how customers make decisions, and you were undoubtedly wondering how you could make the 88 percent work for you. Online comments and reviews from genuine consumers might help you attract more clients and increase your online business. Using social media to promote past customers’ genuine remarks not only increases trust in your business and goods but also advertises you as a brand that is authentic in its message.

You are the greatest option since your genuine consumers trust your product and service. That message has a significant influence on how you are seen both online and in shops. With so many creative marketing ploys flooding nearly every industry, the distinguishing element for most buyers is the mere fact that other customers have acquired your product and liked it so much that they go online and rave about it.

Tracking reviews, replying to reviews, and maybe even provoking reviews of one service or product may appear to be a lot of work, but this could be the deciding factor in choosing your product over someone else’s. We strongly advise that if you want to sell your items online, you align your firm to recognize the value of feedback and establish a staff to handle comments. Excellent customer service is now required across all platforms where your products are sold, and it sets you apart in the business. It will build trust and attract new customers and serve as a free legitimate promotion for your firm.

Standardizing some of your branding activities (such as staff performance and shopping atmosphere in your candy and pastry store) can be challenging, especially when incidents beyond your control occur. That is why for branded print tools over which you have complete control, such as your primary packaging, make every effort to create pleasant experiences.

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