Are slots a stupid thing to play at casinos?

Slots are perhaps the most famous games of chance in the world. What comes to mind are bright flashing lights when a winning combination lands on the reels, the machine screams “Jackpot!” and you hear the clatter of coins being dumped out of the machine. Many of us have at least once imagined hitting this lucky spin and becoming some few thousand pounds richer. While that doesn’t happen very often, it is possible and some success stories from slot-made millionaires keep us inspired.

However, many people believe that playing slots isn’t the smartest thing to do. This claim often goes hand-in-hand with other beliefs such as that slots are rigged or they do not provide any possibility for winning. In this article, we look at the myth surrounding slots at and provide the answer: are slots a stupid thing to play or is there a solid reason to play them?

Real-life slot winners speak for themselves 

Probably the most popular myth surrounding slots is that they are rigged against the player. This is simply not true because all slots use the technology called the RNG (random-number-generator). It guarantees a random game – the outcome of each spin is based on random numbers which RNG creates in rapid succession. As every spin is random, anything can happen when playing slots. You could lose all your funds without many wins, or you could hit massive wins and leave the casino significantly richer.

Big wins in the range of £500 – £2000 are paid out to players in online casinos several times a day. While you shouldn’t expect to win these amounts any time you gamble, it is possible. Furthermore, countless real-life slot-made millionaires played progressive jackpot slots and were lucky enough to win the main prize. Progressive jackpots are usually in the range of £1 million – £18 million. It is definitely not “easy” to score a win like this but yet again, it is possible. 

Stupid or not? 

Perhaps some people would call slots “stupid” because it is a game of chance and doesn’t involve much skill. Nevertheless, a game that brings profit is not so stupid, is it? Slots offer a realistic chance of winning and are also highly entertaining. Call them what you want, but slots make up 70% of the total Gross Gambling Yield (GGY). They are the most profitable and popular casino games and are played by millions of people worldwide. There must be something extraordinary about slots that keeps all these people coming back to play time after time. To us, that sounds like the opposite of a stupid game! 

Play smart to avoid disappointment 

Any casino game is based on chance but it doesn’t mean that it can be deemed “stupid” for that reason. If a player gambles responsibly and doesn’t jeopardise their financial stability, then there isn’t a single stupid aspect about it. Gambling is a leisure activity that can be exciting and entertaining and when done for these reasons, it is no different than spending money on gaming consoles or videogames or betting on sports.

However, a player could make stupid decisions when gambling and be irresponsible. Players destroying themselves financially is not an uncommon situation. To avoid that, only bet what you can afford, set yourself daily, weekly or monthly spending limits and avoid chasing your losses.

Remember, by playing slots you are buying entertainment and not investing your money. Play smart and you won’t have to worry yourself!

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