AZ-204 Guide: Steps To Clear the Exam

Microsoft being the 2nd most popular Cloud Vendor after Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering its customers on-demand computing, database, analytics, and other services on a pay-as-you-go payment basis. All Cloud Service Providers offer professional certifications that a professional can take up to validate his working experience with the platform and his ability to solve various problems of his/her clients. Microsoft Azure also offers several certifications, meeting the diverse needs of professionals. And among them, one of the certifications is AZ-204. Let’s take a quick peek at the different segments of this topic:

  1. What is Microsoft AZ-204?
  2. Why the AZ-204 exam?
  3. What are the responsibilities of Microsoft Azure Developer Associate?
  4. Prerequisites for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification?
  5. Exam Syllabus and pattern
  6. How to clear AZ-204 certification?

What is Microsoft AZ-204?

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Certification (AZ-204) is for Developers to validate their experience in the Azure platform and their expertise in performing various technical tasks, like:

  • Implementing Azure Security
  • Develop Azure Compute Solutions and Azure Storage
  • Consume and Connect these Azure Service with the third-part services
  • Monitor, Optimize and Troubleshoot Azure Solutions

Interestingly, there is AZ-204 training that can help you prepare and help clear the exam. Once a professional clears this certification exam, he/she becomes a Microsoft Azure Developer Associate.

Why the AZ-204 exam?

As we all know, Cloud is evolving rapidly and to meet the expertise demand to solve new and exciting problems faced by many organizations around the world is a big problem for these Cloud Vendors. That’s the basis of these certifications, as it tests and validates your technical knowledge to determine whether you are a good fit for a company to fix their issues and enhance their performance.

After clearing the AZ-204 certification, you will receive better opportunities and salaries and even the chance to work in your dream company using Azure Cloud. Some famous companies using Azure are; eBay, Samsung, BMW, Boeing, etc., and Microsoft claims that 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure Services.

What are the responsibilities of Microsoft Azure Developer Associate?

Azure Developer Associate must be present in all phases of Cloud Development. Work Closely with their client requirements, define and design them. Along with a host of other tasks, like developing, deploying, maintaining, performing tuning, and monitoring, these Azure Developers also have to work with Azure Solution Architects, Azure Admins to implement solutions for clients.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification?

The essential prerequisites for registering for this certification exam are:

  1. Microsoft Azure recommends you to have at least 1-2 professional years of development experience working with the Azure platform.
  2. You must be fluent in programming in an Azure-supported high-level language.
  3. And must be proficient in Azure SDKs, Azure CLI, data storage, Azure PowerShell, APIs, data connections, compute & container deployment, app authentication & authorization, performance tuning, debugging, and monitoring.

For attempting the AZ-204 exam, you don’t have to pass any preliminary exams, like Azure Fundamentals. But it will be beneficial for you in the initial phase if you are certified with Azure Fundamentals.

Exam Syllabus and pattern

In the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification, the break-down of the percentage of questions from different segments are (last updated on 26/03/2021):

Develop for Azure Storage-(15-20%)

  • This segment will check on how you will be developing solutions using Cosmos DB Storage, and Blob Storage.

Develop Azure Compute Solutions-(25-30%)

  • This segment focuses on implementing IaaS Solutions, creating Web Apps using Azure App Service, and how you will implement Azure Functions.

Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Optimize Azure Solutions-(15-20%)

  • This section checks your strengths in integrating caching & content delivery within Azure solutions, and how you can instrument solutions that can support monitoring and logging.

Implement Azure Security-(20-25%)

  • Azure Security segment stresses implementing user authorization and authentication and how you will secure cloud solutions.

Connecting and Consuming Azure Services with the Third-party services-(15-20%)

  • This final section checks your proficiency in developing a Service Logic App, implementing API management, developing message-based, and event-based solutions.

You can register for this exam online by paying USD 165 in the USA and INR 4800 in India, as prices depend on the countries proctoring the exam. This certification consists of 40-60 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), which you need to attempt within 150 minutes.

How to clear AZ-204 certification?

You need to follow a step-by-step approach in clearing the AZ-204 certification. These steps are:

  1. Get all the details related to the exam
  2. Read Exam Guide and refer to other official documents
  3. Start Practicing
  4. Crack the Certification

Start your preparation by fetching all the details related to the exam. Understand the exam pattern and syllabus, and how questions will be from each segment and the type of questions.

Then go through official documentation and exam study guide. The best way to enhance your learning is to enroll in an instructor-led course or self-paced course specifically designed to help you clear the exam. And once you are thorough with your preparation, you can register for an online proctored exam by paying the registration amount online.

Summing Up:

I hope this guide helps you in planning for the exam in the best way possible. That’s it! Keep trying till you get certified! Happy Learning and All the Best!

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