Becoming Successful in ECommerce – Story of Mehtabjit Teja

E-commerce businesses juggle lots of different operations and processes at a time to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Having a well-developed eCommerce website with a great user interface is not enough, an online business also needs to have a problem-solving and useful product, a smooth checkout path, and excellent customer service as well to stand out. When we talk about eCommerce success, Mehtabjit Teja is the name that comes to our minds as he is a successful online entrepreneur with years of experience and also knows what it takes to make an eCommerce business successful.

Mehtabjit Teja- Who is He?

Mehtabjit Teja  is an eCommerce expert running more than 15 online stores and eCommerce websites in different industries. His humble beginning as a digital strategist in the industry made him a popular name in this digital marketplace. He learned a lot about the eCommerce sector when he was working as a digital marketing professional for different Canadian brands. His entry to the industry as a fresher proves that anyone can achieve success as an online business owner because the eCommerce sector has equal opportunities for all.

Mehtabjit Teja launched his online store Branzio watches after almost 10 years of struggle and hard work. Now the Branzio store and other online ventures of Mehtabjit are generating 8 figures in revenue and he has a plan to scale his watch store to 120 plus countries in near future.  

According to Mehtabjit, anyone can start an eCommerce business by learning the basics and following an infallible strategy. After learning the dos and don’ts of online selling, one should stick to the values like hard work, determination and consistency to succeed in his mission, he said.

Mehtabjit Teja’s Journey to eCommerce

After moving to Canada in 2008, Mehtabjit entered the market as a digital marketing professional to help brands build and maintain a robust online presence. When he was working as a digital marketing expert, he realized that the eCommerce industry has great potential to grow in years to come and starting an eCommerce business could be a lucrative decision to become own boss. Then he started several online stores and some of them fail. But Mehtabjit is a consistent believer and continued his hard work. He launched Branzio watches later on which is a dream project of Mehtabjit and currently selling premium quality watches in 60+ countries worldwide. He is managing all his eCommerce sites with his team of 75+ experts in the industry. He believes excellent customer service is one of the great ways to make your eCommerce business successful. That’s why he led the customer services team as a frontman to deliver exceptional services to his customers.

Mehtabjit is on a Mission to Make eCommerce More Accessible

After achieving great success in the industry, Mehtabjit is on a mission to make eCommerce a more accessible space for all so beginners can get started in the best way possible. He has a passion to share his success story, skills, experience and knowledge with others to inspire and motivate. As a public speaker, he often talks about eCommerce and the ample opportunities it offers for young entrepreneurs.

Whether it is a matter of developing an eCommerce website, scaling an existing brand, conversion rate optimization or delivering good customer services, Mehtabjit knows everything a business needs to be successful. For beginners, Mehtabjit is an ocean of knowledge that they can learn from to take a good start in the eCommerce sector. He is a man with a good heart and wants to see everyone succeed. Following Mehtabjit Teja on his social media profiles could be a good idea to stay on top of industry news, updates, knowledge, and tips. You can follow him at:

Twitter: Ronnie Teja (@roaringronny)

Instagram: Ronnie Teja (@ronniesteja)

LinkedIn: Ronnie T. (ronniesteja)

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