Bed Room Colour Schemes – Ideas in Every Shade to Add Character and Style

Before decorating a bedroom, one of the first decisions you need to make is regarding the color schemes.

Whether you choose neutral colors or something bold, the suitable color scheme can set the stage for a comfortable and personalized space for yourself. However, selecting a suitable color scheme can be tricky, and you must be careful when choosing bedroom color schemes.

Every shade and color scheme has its idea behind it. You should think of the best color scheme and get inspired by it. You can choose the color from the color catalogue. So, read further to learn about bedroom color schemes ideas in every shade to add character and style

● Red and pink

You can give red and pink a chance, as this color scheme is contemporary and makes your bedroom look sophisticated and beautiful at the same time. This excellent color scheme gives a modern edge and a nice twist to the bedroom.

● Monochrome white scheme

Sometimes, not going with any color but just white can give the bedroom a modern look. An all-white bedroom color scheme makes a statement in itself and is far from boring.

● Warm Beige

At one point and time, Beige was considered the blandest of colors. Not anymore. This color gives you reassurance and is a perfect tone for bedroom space.

The beige color gives a very cozy and comforting feel.

● Green and white

This is an excellent combination of colors. Green is tranquil, perfect for giving a soothing look to the bedroom. This color combination gives a very mid-century kind of vibe to your bedroom and makes it look elegant and decent.

● Pink, white, and orange

This is one of the best mood-lifting color combinations. Pink and orange are somewhat on the same spectrum of the color catalogue. Adding white to these colors gives them a very subtle and not overwhelming style.

● Red, white and blue

These three colors make up a great combination, giving the bedroom a subtle look. This color scheme may seem understated, but that makes it look very aesthetic.

● Tan and peach

When tan is mixed with peach, it will make the bedroom look vibrant, brighter, and more vivid. The peach bedroom walls combined with the color tan give the exact, moreover just the right amount of color to the bedroom wall, hence making it look soothing.

● Red

This is a trendy bedroom wall color and is again making a comeback in the world of paint colors. Picking the right shade of red is crucial to making the bedroom look less intense without making you feel overwhelmed.


It will help if you remember when choosing a bedroom color scheme that the space, the ambiance, and the decor are crucial in deciding the suitable color scheme. You should take everything into consideration before choosing. A little bit of layering and texturing with the color scheme will go a long way and make your room look like it’s your dream space.

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