Benefits of a Calgary Garage

Building a Calgary garage –attached or detached has numerous benefits. Those who have lived through Calgary during cold weather without a garage will surely appreciate the idea of constructing something more protective for their cars with the confidence that your car will start up even in the coldest weather. Apart from providing a secure place to park your cars, a garage offers additional storage for your tools and machinery, bicycle, and other household stuff. It can also be used as an extra living space or workshop.

Value and return on investment by adding a garage

An important benefit of developing a garage in your home is that it enhances the equity value of your house and offers a good return on investment in case you plan to sell it after a few years. As per Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, you can get an average return of 64.8% on a normal detached garage. If you built a garage for $30,000, you could easily add a resale value of $19440 to it. A garage addition has a great return on investment compared to another renovation project. For instance, a bathroom addition offers a resale value of 56.2%.

Apart from offering a great monetary value, a home with a garage also appeals to potential home buyers as it reduces their workload and offers better home quality. In fact, many realtors have confessed that the lack of a garage is sometimes a major deal-breaker.

So, an additional garage doesn’t just enhance the value of your home but also works as an incentive for the home buyers.

Additional savings

If you don’t plan to sell your home in the coming time, a garage will still be an efficient investment to recoup the expense of building. It helps you save money in the long run in several other ways. For instance, keeping your car parked in a garage prevents it from getting depreciated because of the harsh weather conditions of Calgary. It also keeps your vehicle secure from getting vandalized, sideswiped, or stolen while it is parked outside. You don’t have to spend money to rent a storage unit to park your car or store spare household stuff. Apart from this, a garage works as a perfect leisure space or hobby area for your kids. You can also use it as a workspace to take care of household maintenance and repairs without hiring anyone.

Professional garage builders in Calgary

Garage builders in Calgary help you develop a good quality garage that provides you with a secure place to park your cars, use it as an additional storage space, and enhance the resale value of your home. Garage builders Calgary takes care of all the big and small details in building your garage. You can either hire them to do it for you or choose garage packages and do it on your own. So, decide and pick an option for you and get a garage in your home in no time.