Benefits of a Standing Seam Roof

Do you want to install a standing seam roof? Well, standing seam Edmonton roofs have their own set of benefits. They are considered a better and prudent option in the long run. A standing seam comes with hidden fastener roofing in vertical legs. The panels are connected to the substrate using hidden fasteners and clips. Hence, no screws are used.

Previously standing seams were only used for commercial roofs, but because of their lightweight, strength, and long life, they are not popularly used as residential roofs. So, if you are considering installing standing seam Edmonton on your property, here are some benefits to consider.

A standing seam has some amazing benefits over its traditional counterparts, from aesthetics to a good and long life.


Standing seam roofs enjoy the tag of a lifetime roof. The lifespan of these roofs ranges between 20 to 50 years. Though the installation cost of standing-seam roofs is higher than the others, it is a one-time investment considering the long-term benefit it yields. So, in a way, when you invest in a standing seam roof, you may make a lifetime investment. This is one reason why standing seam Edmonton roofs have gained so much popularity over the others.


Standing seam metal roofs have a long life, and they are fire-resistant. They don’t ignite into flames if there is a fire out there. They resist fire, and even if the whole area is inflamed, your home will stay safe in such incidences. It is also considered to be the best-looking option when it comes to other roofing materials.

Amazing in looks and lightweight

A standing seam metal adds to the overall aesthetics of your home. It offers a tidy, clean, and contemporary design to your home. As the fasteners are concealed, the roof looks neat and beautiful. It is also light in weight and hence preferred by several residential and commercial property owners.

Lower maintenance expenses and effort

The fasteners are hidden and invisible in a standing seam roofing system which means they don’t get exposed to bad weather conditions, direct sunlight, and rain. Hence, the screws don’t corrode or rust easily. Concealed fasteners are the major reason for lower maintenance and minimal upkeep cost of standing seam roofing systems.

Better thermal movement

Considering the expansion and contraction needed to allow proper thermal movement of a metal panel can lead to issues such as withdrawal of fasteners, more noise, or oil canning. But withstanding seam roofs, the panels are single pinned. It allows the metals to freely move with a clip enabling flexible expansion and contraction in events that include weather and temperature changes.

AMT Roofing is one of the best solutions to get high-quality standing seam Edmonton. The company produces top-notch standing seam roofs in different colors and metal materials. Discuss your requirements with the team members, ask for a price quote and buy the most amazing range of standing seam metal roofs for your commercial or residential properties.

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