Benefits of Purchasing a Maize Sheller

A maize shelling machine is designed to help quickly separate the maize seeds from the maize cob. This machine has helped in ensuring that there is a continuous flow of maize seeds in the factories.

Below are some of the benefits/advantages of having a maize seller machine;

1. Saves on cost of labor

The machine helps an employer save the cost of acquiring

a new workforce to help them to be able to maximize production. The machine can accomplish a large sum of work that about 20 men can take about a week to accomplish and make one undergo other extra wages to pay the people working.

2. Less power consumption

The maize sheller machine only consumes a little power as it is designed to suit even those small-scale farmers who have ventured into the business lately. The machine can be both solar-driven and electric-driven, and the solar one can be used in very rural areas with no electricity nearby hence maximizing maize production in the market.

3. Easy to operate

The machine has been developed for many people to be able to use it without going to have to go to a training school to be taught how to use the equipment, making it attractive even to the farmers who may not have the academic knowledge but have the desire to succeed through the selling of maize.

4. Helps in regulating prices

The machine helps regulate market prices by ensuring a continuous flow of maize to the factories. This helps ensure that people purchase the maize at a good price that encourages people to join the farming, increasing maize in the market as many people will have acquired a machine making the maize increase.

5. Source of employment

Machine is the source of employment for many people as many people are employed to make machines, increasing their living standards.

6. Enhanced productivity

The maize shellers ensure that when the maize leaves the farm, they are sorted within a short period to ensure that there Is continued production of the maize products. The maize seeds that the machine has sorted are always intact compared to those that are sorted manually, as they are done perfectly, not ruining the quality of the maize.

7. Avails time for other agricultural products

The sheller allows farmers to continue with other agricultural activities such as preparing land for the second plantations as one does not have to waste time in sorting out a 90 kilogram bag of maize manually as a machine can do it within a short period, making one save time and also expand the productivity as it fast and time saving and it does work perfectly. Many farmers have opted to use maize shellers as they are trying to kill two birds with one stone, as the market is very tight around the harvesting period.

In conclusion, we encourage farmers to save themselves some of the money they get when they sell the product and purchase the machine to help them to maximize profit. Check also posho mills.

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