Best Advice for Hosting Any Type of Event

The planning, organizing, and promoting of an event can be tiresome and just when you think you have accomplished everything, the main duty kicks in. Hosting the event. Damon Wayans Jr provided us with the best advice on how to host an unforgettable event.

The Venue

Since this is where your event will take place, a lot of energy and work will have to go into making it event ready. Prior to the event, it is important to make sure that everything is in it’s correct place including decorations, lighting or sound equipment, refreshments, and any sponsoring materials. Immediately prior to the event, complete a final walk through and ensure that your team and any volunteers are knowledgeable on their roles and assigned duties. 

Guest Speakers

If your event has guest speakers or performers, you will want to welcome them upon arrival and meet any of their needs. Ensure that they have all of the tools they need and that they understand their role during your event.


It’s important that all of your guests know where they are going and where things are. Supply sufficient signage around your event to eliminate guest’s confusion. Other than signs, it’s also a great idea to have volunteers designated specifically for assisting guests in navigating your venue.

Promote Social Media

You didn’t work hard for your event for it not to be noticed publicly. Therefore, during your event encourage guests to tag your business or use a specific event hashtag when they are posting about the event on their social media channels. A great idea for promoting your event or business while also providing a fun experience for your guests is to utilize a photobooth with a background of your business logo.

Collect Feedback

If this the first event you are hosting or the tenth, feedback will only make your next event bigger and better. Gather feedback from your performers, speakers, vendors, and of course, your guest to collect a better understanding of how they viewed your event and what recommendations they may have to make it better next time.

Closing Time

At the end of the event, say your goodbyes to your guests and assist cleaning up the venue. Be sure to leave your venue in the same condition as when you arrived and wrap up any financial duties to conclude the night. Don’t forget to thank all of your staff and volunteers for their hard work making the event successful.

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