Best Gaming News Sites and Game Review Sites

Every year, hundreds of video games are released. There is not enough time to enjoy them all. How can you know which games are worth your time and what are the best?

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the top game review websites and Free PC Games News sites. These great websites can help you find the best gaming news and reviews, as well as check out the quality of a particular game before you buy it.

There are many different types of Game Review Sites out there, but a few stand out above the rest.

Here are list of some Gaming News Sites and Game Review Sites:


Kotaku is another popular site that provides helpful reviews and updates on social platforms. If you’re looking for unbiased reviews, you might want to consider writing for Stores Like Finder, an affiliate program with Kotaku.


The best of these sites is GameFAQs, which features reviews on the major mainstream releases and downloadable eShop titles. The community is also quite active.  The official website for GameFAQs, a popular video game magazine, is one of the most comprehensive and reliable. They publish solid reviews on a wide range of games, and their site features news, previews, and features.

The website also has a search bar at the top for easy access to specific games. The staff is knowledgeable and longtime gamers, so they write thorough and insightful reviews, which will help readers make an informed decision when it comes to buying a new game.

Gamer’s Corner:

This is a more laid-back, relaxed gaming review site that has been around for several years and is run by a group of friends who love games. They are more honest in their reviews and are a great resource if you’re looking for a quick and simple overview of a game’s performance. But if you’re looking for a more complex review, you may want to check out other Game Review Sites.

This site is dedicated to recent news about games. Run by gamers who care about the industry, this website is a great place to find reviews. It’s not the most sophisticated, but it is a good place to get an overview of a particular game. It’s also very laid back and informal, so it’s easy to feel comfortable here. It’s also a great place to find a good gaming deal!


This game review site is the ultimate destination for gamers who want to keep up with the latest news about games. This site is a popular source of Gaming Setup news and reviews and has excellent articles addressing a wide variety of games and the latest in gaming news. It’s also an excellent place to find information on mobile and PC gaming. However, it is important to remember that Game Review Sites can be biased in their reviews and may not be unbiased.

Some Game Review Sites may be more conservative and less controversial than others. As a rule, mainstream gaming sites are more likely to feature controversial topics. Read the reviews carefully to determine whether they’re worth reading. Some of the more popular mainstream gaming sites are Destructoid and GameFocus. They publish news and reviews, and are great for a general gaming site. There are also niche gaming websites, but a game review site is not the only option.


Metacritic is a gateway to professional game reviews. Anyone can register and write a review for any game. These reviews are collected by Metacritic and aggregated by the site’s editors. The metacritic score is a composite of the reviews, and should not be taken as definitive. It is best to follow the recommendations of the site’s editors. This will ensure that you don’t end up with biased reviews and a poorly-written game.


GameFan is another good site to look at. The website is a great place to find reviews. It’s free to register and read the reviews. Most of these sites are legitimate and will only publish legitimate reviews. You can also find information on games on by searching for them online. There are many game review sites out there, but only a handful of them are trustworthy. A good game review site should be free of spam and other malicious content.


While there are dedicated game review sites, you should also check out subreddits. For example, Gaming Beasts is a great site to find opinions and news on a game. While it’s not a devoted game review site, it is a great place to find reviews. The game rating of a game is a direct reflection of the writer’s opinions and their experience with the title. This information helps you make an informed decision about whether to purchase a particular video game or not.

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