Best Guide to Purchasing Shapewear

Having a toned body is a dream come true for most women. This is why most women’s closet has at least one shapewear. Purchasing shapewear may appear a common task, but it does involve a slight effort to make your silhouette appear curvier and flattering. It is quite important to know the need and requirements of your body and then make your purchase.

Shapewear has become quite popular with its seemingly amazing range of styles and designs. So, how you choose to pick the best shapewear for you depends on the guide given below:

No matter what, choose your size

Women often think of sizing down to get additional firmness, but it eventually leads to discomfort and bulge and makes you look hefty. Hence, pick a shapewear piece that fits you best. Make sure you are comfortable while wearing it, walking in it and sitting in it.

Choose medium compression for smoothing and strong compression for complete transformation

The higher the compression level of a garment, the better it has the power to alter your shape. If the compression level is low, it can only help with smoothing out the targeted spots and offer limited compression and shaping benefits.

High waist shapewear can smooth out your torso

High waist briefs and panties offer guaranteed smooth line till your torso. However, for the upper part, you can choose a seamless bra.

Tone your legs using shaping leggings

If you want to shape your thigh bulge or wish to give your buttocks some contouring, you can always choose a shaping legging or tights for it. It will offer an additional layer to your thigh part and compress it. The legging also offers great sculpting benefits to your tummy, thigh, and back, making your figure look seamless, sleeker, and flattering.

Get all-over shaping with full body waist trainer or bodysuit

The full body waist trainer streamlines your body, saving you from the problem of finding something else for your top and bottom. The all-over coverage helps you reduce the chest part and yield chest-flattering results simultaneously. It offers complete control over your belly bulge, waistline, back and abdomen. So, you are fully in control of your body. You can choose an in-built bra to get support for your chest.

Give your buttock the perfect shape without doing anything; yes, you have shapewear for that!

If you want your buttocks to become perkier, rounder and better, you can go for butt lifters. Like a bra gives your bust some lift, you can use butt lifters to give your cheeks a full bottom. However, it isn’t limited to that; you can also get a flattened belly and smoothed love handles.

Choose cotton blended shapewear

Shapewear is usually made of nylon, neoprene, or latex, but these fabrics are not breathable. So, you may prefer wearing such shapewear during winter, but in warmer months, these clothing are prone to sweating. Hence, choose shapewear that has cotton blended to enhance the garment’s breathability.

Go for workout waist trainer for exercising

A workout waist trainer helps you get great results with your exercise regime. So, if you want to get the best results from your workout, go ahead with it.