Best Maida Brand in India

Whole Wheat flour, popularly known as Atta, is unquestionably the most used flour in Indian households. However, when it comes to special meals like festive treats, maida is often the first choice.

Thus, maida is a near-inevitable ingredient, for it is found everywhere from street snacks or restaurant delicacies.

Nevertheless, while maida gives you delicious dishes, it is essential to be cautious when selecting a maida brand. You must always opt for the best quality product for your health.

So, read till the end to know about the best maida brand in India and a few bonus maida recipes.

Table of Contents

  • Is Maida good for Health?
  • Vikram Mills: The Best Maida Brand
  • What makes Vikram Mills the Best?
  • Vikram Mills’ Process
  • Recipes to try with Vikram Mills Maida
  • Conclusion

Is Maida good for Health?

Before looking for the best maida brand it is necessary to know whether eating maida is good for your health.

It is a well-known and proven fact that maida has a low nutritional value. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is dangerous for your health. If you wisely choose premium quality, unadulterated maida and consume it in moderation, it does not damage your health.

Thus, your focus should be on selecting the best quality maida and moderate consumption.

Vikram Mills: The Best Maida Brand

Vikram Roller Flour Mills has made a name for its superior quality ever since its inception in 1973. Throughout its remarkable journey, Vikram Mills has consistently improved and set higher standards of trust and confidence.

Vikram Mills, therefore, has been known for its premium quality products like-

  • Wheat Flour (Atta)
  • White Flour (Maida)
  • Rawa, Semolina (Suji)
  • Broken Wheat (Dalia)
  • Bran (Chokar)

High-quality standards, great business ethics, and consumer satisfaction have been the top priority for Vikram Mills since the beginning. Thus, they have been able to continue being the most trusted brand in the Agro FMCG sector.

Vikram Mills is the trusted supply partner of several top-level bakers, caterers and FMCG suppliers and is thus considered one of the best wheat flour and maida brands in India.

What makes Vikram Mills the Best?

You should choose Vikram Mills for all your wheat-related needs as they possess the following specialties-

  • Quality:

Whether it is maida, or any other product, Vikram Mills always exceeds the government quality standards. Each employee at Vikram Mills is trained to be quality sensitive. They are vigilant right from the beginning of manufacturing to the delivery of the final product.

  • Automated Equipment:

Vikram Mills has been able to keep up with the growing quality standards and supply-demand with the aid of the latest technology. Automated equipment has helped them boost their production capacity without compromising on product quality.

  • Roster Of Exceptional Clients:

Vikram Mills has earned the most renowned industry giants like Oberoi Hotel as its clients.

  • Growing Player in the Market:

Strong core values and unwavering ethics, have sustained Vikram Roller Flour Mills as one of the fastest-growing brands within the FMCG sector.

Vikram Mills’ Process

Vikram Mills utilizes the best quality indigenous whole wheat grains to manufacture its maida.

The inner part of the whole wheat grains, termed endosperm, is used to produce Maida. Therefore, maida carries a considerable amount of Starchy Endosperm. Additionally, maida has a low fiber content as the fiber-rich bran particles are removed in the process.

The process of producing maida is as follows-

  • Once received at the mill, the entire batch of grains is filtered for any stones, dust particles or husk.
  • After the filtration process, the grains are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Next, the outer layer of the grain, called Bran, is removed from and the inner endosperms are taken forward.
  • The endosperms from the grains are then finely milled. The milling takes place in several stages and continues till all the endosperms are turned into fine more : ifvod

Recipes to try with Vikram Mills Maida

Your dilemma over the best maida brand shall be over by now. So, here are some recipes that you can try with the best in quality, Vikram Mills Maida.

1. Luchi

Luchi bears a strong resemblance to the popular north Indian dish, Puri. However, unlike Puris, Luchi is made of Maida.

The recipe is pretty simple, as you only need a few ingredients like Maida, salt, water and ghee or vegetable oil. Even though traditionally Luchis are deep-fried in ghee, you can choose to replace the ghee with vegetable oil.

To begin with, mix all the mentioned ingredients and then knead the dough. Once the dough gets ready you can make hot and fresh Luchis by deep-frying the dough in ghee or vegetable oil. They complement well with any vegetable gravy or curry.

2. Mangalore Bonda

Mangalore Bonda is a famous street snack from Karnataka, also known as Goli Baje. However, it is now popular in several parts of the nation.

While Mangalore Bonda is amazing street food, it can also be cooked at home easily.

The major ingredients for the recipe include rice flour, maida, baking soda, sugar and curd. Additionally, you will need a few spices like salt, asafoetida and pepper. You can choose to add some other ingredients for extra flavor, like curry leaves and green chilies.

After mixing these ingredients, make a few balls out of the batter. Next, deep-fry these balls and your snack is ready to be devoured.

3. Maida Biscuits

Maida biscuits can be easily considered as the perfect tea-time snack. It is so because they are both easy to prepare and digest.

However, you need to avoid any temptations of overeating these delicious biscuits due to their small size.

To prepare these biscuits, you will need some Maida, ghee, powdered sugar, cardamom, oil (as per your need), baking soda, and a pinch of salt. These ingredients shall be adequate for making one batch of crispy Maida biscuits.

4. Sweet Dal Poli or Puran Poli

Puran Poli is a great snack for both a festive occasion or a regular sweet craving.

All you will need for its stuffing is some Chana dal or Bengal gram, cardamom powder and sugar. The dough, on the other hand, will be made using Maida flour along with some ghee and salt.

Puran Poli can be made in no time because the only time-taking step is boiling the dal.

This sweet dish is known with different names across the nation. It is delicious and tastes good, whether warm or cold.


Thus, you now have detailed knowledge about the best maida brand. You can make use of Vikram Mills maida for a variety of purposes.

Vikram Mills even offers different types of maida for specific purposes.

You can also browse through other products from their wide range of premium quality products.

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