Best Off-Roading Upgrades For Your Vehicle Spring 2022

The arrival of spring is always a joyous time for Jeep owners. In addition to the warmer temperatures and better weather, you can finally take your Jeep out for a proper ride. It’s probably been in the garage for a few months, so it’s a special occasion when the weather finally permits outdoor excursions. To fully prepare for spring, you should consider investing in upgrades that can maximize your Jeep’s off-roading ability. One such upgrade, a lift kit Fox, is a great way to improve your vehicle’s ground clearance, and in turn, make it safer to enjoy off-roading activities. A lift kit can also allow you to customize your Jeep’s suspension for improved handling and steering.

Off-Road Wheels & Tires

Lift kits aren’t the only upgrade you can invest in this spring. It’s also the perfect time to swap out your factory default tires for some flashy new wheels. Every part of your best jeep soft top is important, but the wheels are one of the most vital parts. Wheels determine the traction you achieve, the smoothness of the ride, and the ease of navigation. Needless to say, upgraded tires are a fantastic investment — especially if you plan on taking your Jeep on any off-road adventures this spring. New tires can make these excursions safer and more fun, too.

Many Jeep drivers opt for 37 inch all terrain tires due to their versatility and durability. Just like a lift kit can boost the clearance of your Jeep, bigger tires can offer the same effect and thus make off-roading safer while protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle. There are plenty of other benefits of bigger tires, too, including better visibility on the road and improved tread on various terrains. If you plan to enjoy some excursions in unpaved areas, tires that are specifically made for all-terrain use are a great option.


When you’re planning an off-road trip, it can be easy to focus on all the fun that lies ahead — but you should spend time making a safety plan, too. To this end, you should always tell somebody where you plan to go and how long you plan to be gone. You should also pack some basic survival supplies that can tide you over for a few days. If at all possible, you should enlist a friend to join you, too, so that there are two vehicles on the trail. Most importantly, you should ensure that everybody wears their seatbelt at all times.

It might not seem important to have two cars, but it’s a good safety strategy if you’re heading into unknown terrain or venturing into an area that’s known to be challenging. If you happen to get your Jeep stuck, being on your own is a bad situation. If there is another vehicle with you, though, you can use a Smittybilt X20 winch to haul the stuck vehicle. Installing a winch is a great way to keep yourself and your Jeep safe during all of your springtime off-roading adventures.