Best VPNs For Android Mobile Phones

Not everyone can afford an iPhone these days. The good news is that there are also a wide range of Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers for devices using the Android operating system. We live in a world full of surveillance and data collection. These days everyone worries about secure internet connections and keeping your data and browsing history private.

A VPN is generated by software which creates a secure internet connection between the user and a website or application the user is trying to access. Basically, your browsing is routed through a secure server and then finally onto the site or application you are wanting to visit.

VPN providers use secure servers situated all over the world in the cloud and your browsing history, or traffic, is encrypted. This is how VPNs protect your privacy and provide secure internet browsing. This is important when you are using open, shared or public Wi-Fi network while working remotely. And these days, there are millions of people working remotely globally.

So where do you find good VPNs? Here is a selection of tried-and-tested providers who have been around for a while.

1. NordVPN

This Panama-based VPN provides very sound privacy features. Given where NordVPN is based, there is no federally enforced surrender of data, like many based in north America. So, no Five Eyes or Nine Eyes. This provider also features a multi-hop double encryption service through multiple servers.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is fantastically easy to use as it is intuitive. Besides its cool moniker, Surfshark allows you to customise your connection to a secure server, whether you want the fastest, the nearest or you can choose a server location. It also lets you connect multiple devices so you can watch your favourite Netflix series on your tablet or claim an online casino welcome bonus on your phone all at the same time.

3. ExpressVPN

Based in Britain, ExpressVPN have a large network of servers globally. Every time you log in, your IP address is rotated, giving you extra peace of mind against being tracked by a hacker.

All of the above VPN providers offer flexible pricing options and many start from around $1 monthly. But here’s one for free.

4. TunnelBear

Based in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear sports features that support safe torrenting, good AES-256 encryption and even a kill switch.

When using this VPN, it’s important to remember that many will log some data such as payments and emails. But it’s important that your VPN provider does not log your web browsing.

Why Paying A Monthly Fee Is Better

It’s basic human psychology, not to mention good business practise, that providers who take a fee have a strong vested interest in providing a good service if they want to keep and grown their customer base.

If they provide a dodgy service, they will lose customers, and money. Also, there is the aspect of spreading the jam. Everyone who invests time and resources in setting up a business should be able to make some money from their efforts.

This is why free isn’t always the best option. Mostly, paying for a service is better.