Biometric Authentication In KuCoin

In crypto trading, finding a good, reliable, and safe platform is hard to come by. Kucoin is a unique crypto trading platform, as we all know. This is especially true because of its security aspect. Kucoin is one of the world’s largest crypto trading platforms; for this reason, Kucoin has to take security extremely seriously. Kucoin ensures it uses the most sophisticated security features and technology. The security team is equally competent and professional in providing the user’s assets, and the account remains entirely safe from hackers.

When a platform deals with sensitive and private information, safety, security, and privacy come first. Especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, for example, SOL price or USDT price, you need to ensure nothing is tampered with.

For an accumulation of safety reasons, Kucoin is now introducing biometric authentication for its users.

What Is Biometric Authentication

Unlike generic security features, such as passwords and lengthy paperwork that may take weeks to process, biometric authentication is a faster and much more efficient security feature that can confirm whether the user is the one they claim to be.

Biometric authentication uses pictures, imaginative face identification, voice identification, fingerprinting, and any other identification unique to a user. Sometimes, it allows almost instant access when used.

How Safe Is It?

Well, for starters, no one can copy your face, your voice, and not your fingerprints. Kucoin uses intelligent face identification as its biometric authentication, readily available in devices such as iPhones and androids. This makes biometric authentication available to a broader range of users.

Why Should I Opt For Biometric Authentication

It is much faster than filling out a form or entering your password. All you have to do is open up the camera app, look all pretty for it, and bam, next thing you know, you are logged in.

Another reason is that it protects credibility; if someone wants to ruin your reputation by claiming to be you, they can not because this biometric authentication requires seeing your face.

Another reason is that no one can even accidentally access your account by entering details with a guess because, again, your face is required to access your account.

What If My Information Gets Leaked?

Kucoin ensures with its sophisticated latest security technology that all the information regarding its massive user base of 18 million users stays between them and is only used for security reasons, not for selling. 1 in 4 crypto traders is on Kucoin, which is a good measure of the platform’s trustworthiness. It would not have such a loyal user base if it were not.

Before you can use biometric authentication, Kucoin performs a Know Your Customer process to set up that biometric authentication. So you can rest easy, trust Kucoin on this one, and stay stress-free with your crypto trading.