Bluehost or Hostgator, Which Hosting Site Should You Go for in 2021?

You have developed a website now you have to host it on the internet. If you search in the goggle for the best website hosting companies, you will find names like Bluehost, Siteground, Hostgator, and blah blah. You have to be economical while choosing a hosting company. So, which one will be the best for your budget? Is Bluehost better than Hostgator?  In this article, you will get the answer to these questions.

Bluehost VS Hostgator

There is some Benz mark in this comparison. Based on the Benz mark result, you can take the decision.

Origin: origin brand is an essential point in the web hosting field. But the most exciting fact is, the source of both of these companies is the same. Endurance International Group (EIG) is the parent of these two, and Bluehost started its journey in 1996. It was one of the oldest website hosting companies. But Hostgator came to the market in 2010. So if you think about the experience, Bluehost is far more experienced than Hostgator.

Hosting cost: when you are hosting your website, you have to purchase monthly or yearly hosting fees. If you want to buy a package from Bluehost, you have to pay 3.95$ per month.

Hostgator offers you the same package for 2.74$ per month.

In the prize segment, Hostgator is the clear winner.

Performance: Both companies are running under the same parent, and they share technologies and innovations. Both of them are reeling

On SSD based server system, SSD (solid-state drive) is an intrigued circuit (IC) based storage that is much faster and safer than a traditional disk hard drive.  So both of the companies can offer a speedy service.

So in this segment, both of them is the winner.

WP Engine Hosting Speed Test: in a recent test, Hostgator servers show a quality performance than the servers of Bluehost.  The Hostgator’s average response time is 3.1s, where Bluehost has 4s. in American and Europe, Hostgator provides the better performance. But in Asia, Bluehost defeats his junior brother in the best. As an overall performance, Hostgator wins the speed test.

Security:  this is one of the essential points. The two companies use two different methods.

Bluehost is using a third party protector named Cloud flare. Cloud flare is a famous security system that protects websites from DDoS attacks. It also keeps the server from overflow.

Hostgator relies on their method for their server protection. Hostgator have developed tools for the protection of DDoS attacks.   Hostgator has many other security tools to protect their network, for privacy measure, this company hides it from the public.

Both of the brands use advanced-level security to protect their networks.

Site transfer: suppose you want to change your website host. You need to transfer your site. Again, the beginners may have little knowledge of sharing sites.

Hostgator is offering an entirely free website transfer. Hostgator is one of the unique offers by any website hosting brands.

On the other hand, you need $149 to do the same process in Bluehost.

Word press hosting manager

Word press is one of the most popular website managers. This company builds readymade templates for an entire website.

In this segment, Bluehost performs better than Hostgator.

Customer support: customer support is a significant factor. If you face any problems regarding your website, you have to consult the support center. Hostgator provides the best support for the customers. They have back up servers all over the world. On the other hand, Bluehost is also a very responsive and fast service provider. But not all over the world, they are the right service provider in the Asian countries.

Now the answer should be clear to you. Here you have seen the most critical sectors of comparison. This time, it will be easy to pick up the best hosting company for your website.

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