Bollywood-Inspired Retro Makeup Looks!

The fashion and makeup industry has evolved with time. In this evolution, we carry the best trends forward, one of which is retro makeup. You must be wondering what retro makeup is? It is a makeup look inspired by the 1970s-90s Bollywood actresses. From exaggerated eye makeup and red-hot shiny lips to ultra-thin, perfectly shaped eyebrows, the retro look is all about being bold.

But when creating the retro look, understanding which products are best suited for your skin is very important. You should always choose the best skin and eye makeup products. Following are some tips and tricks to create your favourite retro makeup look.

#01: Cat-eye

Which names strike your mind when you think of the most famous and glamourous actresses of the 70s and 80s? Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini, Asha Parekh, Parveen Babi and many more. If you think about the makeup looks, there is one thing common—the perfect cat-eye. Do not forget to use a good eyeliner for the perfect look.

Tips for creating the perfect cat-eye look:

  • The first thing you should start with is to line your lash line smoothly. Hold the eyeliner in the direction of the lash line (avoid holding it upward or downward).
  • Imagine the wing as an extension of the lower lash line. With the help of a straight object like a swipe card or tape, extend the lower lash line.
  • Join the extended lower lash line to the eye upper lash line and fill in the gap.
  • Make it thicker according to your liking.

#02: Shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrows give the face its character, so they must be perfectly shaped. Shaping the eyebrows can be difficult, but using an eye pencil can make it easy. Using an eye pencil or eyebrow definer can help you fill up the gaps in the brows. And you can get the perfectly arched or round shape to your liking.

Tips for using an eye pencil or brow definer

  • Brush your eyebrows in the direction of the hair using an eyebrow brush.
  • Choose an eyebrow pencil or definer two shades lighter than your hair colour.
  • Start by drawing a line on the inside of the eyebrows. Make sure to cover up all the gaps and draw a fine line. Draw hair-like strokes for natural-looking fuller brows.
  • Then draw a line using the same eye pencil or brow definer on the upper side of the eyebrow.
  • Remove any extra hair with the help of tweezers.

#03: Long curled lashes

The finishing touch to any eye-makeup look is flawlessly curled and long lashes. Using mascara can help you get these dreamy eyelashes. Choose a mascara depending on the thickness of your eyelashes. Mascara should be waterproof to prevent smudging.

Tips for using mascara.

  • Start by curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler. Don’t go too close to the eyelids, as you might pinch your skin.
  • Wipe off the extra mascara on the wand on a tissue or the edge of the bottle.
  • Lift the lashes, place the wand against the base, and wiggle it.
  • Pull the wand outward and repeat this process 2-3 times.

#04: Contouring

We all have different facial structures, and we all use contouring in our makeup. With the help of the correct foundation for your skin, you can get the accentuated look that you have always wanted. When choosing a foundation, you should always consider the product’s ingredients. It plays a significant role in keeping the makeup intact on your skin and helps avoid patchy dryness.

Contouring tips

  • Make sure you choose the highlighter that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Use it on the areas of your face and neck where the light reflects the most, for example, peaks of the cheekbones.
  • Start sweeping from the chin and blend up alongside the jawlines to get the best finish.
  • Highlight the centre and use a bronzer on the outer edge to contour the chin. And you are good to go.

#05: Red Lips

Red lipstick has always been a classic look to carry throughout the different ages. You can now choose between a matte and glossy finish.

#06: Blush

Any makeup look is incomplete without a little bit of blush. Especially if we talk about Bollywood in the 80s, blush contouring was something that cannot be ignored. Although subtle and light blushing is trendy, you can opt for heavy blushing for a different summer/spring look.


You can do a lot to create your retro look, from graphic eyeliners and bright eye shadows to vintage hairstyles. Why go for less when you can do more? Create a new bold, and beautiful makeup look this spring. With the correct application method, makeup can do wonders. Don’t hold yourself back and do experiments with your look.