Breast Augmentation: All Your Questions Answered

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to make your breasts look bigger and fuller. The procedure involves placing implants under your chest muscles and chest tissue. This procedure is mostly carried out for aesthetic purposes and as a way for women to feel more confident about their self-image. It is commonly referred to as the “boob job.”

Who is it for?

Although breast augmentation is considered an elective surgical procedure that is mostly used by women who are not satisfied with their body proportion and want enlarged breasts, you can consider this for other reasons as well.

  • Breast augmentation can be a way of getting rid of uneven breasts.
  • Women who suffer from breast cancer and have undergone mastectomy or breast removal can also get their normal body image back by going for this procedure.
  • This can be a way of getting back normal breasts appearance after pregnancy or weight loss causes sagging of breasts.

Who Should I Consult?

Cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons are your go-to persons for this procedure. Choosing the right plastic or cosmetic surgeon with sufficient knowledge and skills can be a difficult decision to make and probably the most important one as well.

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Types of Breast Implants

You can choose one of the two types of breast implants. They can either be silicone implants or saline implants.

The silicone implants are more popular with women and are reported to feel more natural and real by women who had undergone breast augmentation surgery. They are also considered more durable as they do not wrinkle.

The saline implants are filled with normal saline and have silicone covers.

These implants come in different sizes for you to choose from.

Both of these implants carry their risks and benefits. Silicone implants can cause lumps while saline implants have the risk of rupturing or wrinkling. Your surgeon can guide you about your options and help you choose the more suitable one.

What to Expect from the Procedure?

Breast augmentation is considered a safe procedure that can be performed in an outpatient setting or at a surgeon’s clinic. It is mostly done under general anesthesia but sometimes local anesthesia can also be used.

During the procedure, three cuts are made; the first one under your breast, the second one under your nipple, and the third one in the armpit. Breast implants are then placed in your anterior chest wall behind the chest muscles or chest tissues.

The surgeon will then close your incisions with sutures and wrap bandages around your chest.

How Long Does the Recovery Take?

Breast tenderness and swelling are normal after the surgery. They will resolve after a few weeks. You will need to keep the bandages in place for some time. You can go back to work within a few weeks if your job does not require strenuous activity.

Follow your surgeon’s guidelines regarding resuming regular tasks like bathing. You might need to get your stitches removed when your surgeon advises you to or they will resolve on their own.

Be aware of infection signs like redness and warmth in the surgical area or fever and chest pain. In such cases contact your surgeon as soon as possible.


Breast augmentation is a safe, instant, and common procedure that is performed successfully in Mumbai too. You can find the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai and take the first step towards being a better version of yourself.

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