Bring Your Dream 3D: All the Options

In this era of the online revolution, what can be the best way to get more potential buyers visiting your shop? The answer is simple. Creative content that attracts more viewers. The trending content in social media and online marketing platforms nowadays is hooking and informative video. None has the time to read and compare. Show them what you’ve got and you can be trending the next day.

To make professional video content, more than anything you need a pro video editor. There comes Animoto to save your back. 

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a cloud-based video editing app. It provides you professional-level video and background editing. Since 2006 it’s been helping marketers and content creators to express their visionary. You can use thousands of clips or photos to cut, merge, and create a new video.

Where To Use:

Being the gamechanger in the industry, Animoto offers you a diverse range of options. Like 

Marketing Video: 

You can make a short video describing your product details and photos with their usage. Also, you can make promotion videos with tremendous background scores and themes.  

Social Media Animations: 

Social Media Animation is the new sector for passionate influencers. You can make your series of memories to share with so many different templates.

Birthday Video: 

Wanna surprise someone on their birthday with a slideshow of photos added with captions? Animoto is there to help.

Slide Show, ad, and many more. 


Animoto is great as a video maker, editor, and trimming. This one in all app helps you with a vast music library for background scoring, thousands of stock images and clips to make a better appearance. It has an online editing platform, where you can do your job quite well without even downloading the app. You can also join the editor’s team online to discuss a matter or ask for help.

All These For Free?  

Almost.  You can enjoy the basic features for free. Only at 33$, you can avail of full services. You have monthly payment plans to make the package pocket friendly. You can withdraw anytime you want.  

Animoto Alternates:

Mango Animation Maker is an Animoto Alternative software. Mango animate is serving the creative industry since 2003. During this time it has served more than 2,510,000 users and collaborated with more than 1000 companies. Githuhub, Shopify, Huckberry and such big names are empowered by mango.

Why Mango Animation Maker

Mango animation has made the animation game easier. You can create an animated video in four easy steps.

All you have to do is just choose templates, either online or stocked.

Drag and drop your image on the square. Select entry, on board and exit animation effect and ta da!  

Your animation clip is ready. Publish it online as a clip or GIF and make available for offline use. 

Catchy Features

Templates and Symbols

Mango animation maker offers everything you need at hand. Get thousands of free templates, Copyright free audio and video clips to enhance your video content. Use symbols, characters, and signs to make it more interacting. 

Camera Roll

Keep your audiences hooked from every angle. Pan, rotate, and zoom your camera to create an ambience of your character.

Infinite Canvas 

Online collection of canvases lets you unleash your imagination and bring your characters to life. 


Mango is a pocket friendly animation software that believes in pay once, use forever motto. So you get all the above mentioned features at only 69$ for a lifetime.

Animoto Vs Mango Animation Maker 

The industry is going every day. Imagination has no limits, so you need a software that is ever upgrading and evaluating to fit in your demands. Animoto has certain great features but Mango Animation Maker is all those and beyond.

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