Bringing favourite film characters as pretty toys

There would be no exception for people picking their favourite character from the last film or series they watched. The obsession over the characters can last for a day, months or even years. One would also search about them on the internet and awe. Looking out for any news about the character and collecting the pictures from the magazines become a ritual. It is more common among kids as they keep thinking about the superheroes in the cartoon all day. To meet this craze on the different mystical characters, pop vinyl in Australia became popular quickly. People started welcoming them with open hands as they got to have their favourite characters as 3D figures with them. It is notable that a year ago, the Australian firefighters were honoured with their own funky pop figures.

On the other hand, people who would love making a collection of these sorts also developed a liking towards these pops. These people are genuine collectors who make compilations as a part of their hobby. The release of these pops is often after a massive response from the audience regarding a particular fictional character.

What is pop vinyl?

They are replicas of different characters that became famous through a film or web series. It is merely a miniature toy-like figure made out of vinyl. They are painted with fine details to match the actual appearance of the character. The vinyl in their name stands for Polyvinyl chloride and is a type of synthetic plastic. They are involved in the making of these pops.

Polyvinyl chloride is a preferable material for making pop figurines because they are highly rigid and the same time, is flexible. The PVC also finds its usage in construction sell action figures, healthcare and flooring.

What types of pop vinyl in Australia is popular?

There are different types of pop vinyl figures, but the categories first start with size. Though there are many types, the popularity depends solely on people’s requirements.

Most of the figures are about 4 inches in size, with huger heads and comparatively small body structure. But it can vary depending on the picturization of the original character. So much care is needed to make the minute details of these miniatures!

Some of the popular vinyl pop types are listed below,

1.The super-sized ones

These pop figures are enormously huge than the typical ones. Like already said, these figures have huger heads. But the super-sized ones are around 6 inches in size.

2.The glowing ones

These pop figures can shine in the dark! They do not start glowing immediately after getting them. Charging for a specific period is necessary for them to shine. As an alternate, one can also expose them to the sun or any bright light source and then put them in the dark. Now, they are ready to radiate!

3.Flocked type

This type is painted and coated with a soft and fuzzy texture. When one holds these figures in their hands, it’s an exciting feel!

Why should one buy a pop vinyl figure?

There are several reasons why one can make a move buying these miniatures. Some of them are,

  • Getting those exclusive editions is worth the hype. A limited-edition of a pop figure means that one cannot find them in the market for a longer time.
  • They are not too pricey and come at affordable prices. One can keep adding these great miniatures to their collections anytime.
  • Their value increases over time since the supply is generally limited and, it’s wondrous to have such a valuable vinyl pop figure!

Thus, one’s obsession over a favourite fictional character can now be a dream come real experience with these pretty vinyl miniatures, just a click away.

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