Over the years, people have thought twice before investing in things that decrease in value over time. For example, buying a smartphone today is in, and by the end of the next market day, it is out. Hence, selling a phone does not get you a high price anymore as it loses 50% of its value after two years.

But when it comes to gold, it keeps increasing in value and is a safe haven when you need it the most. As a result, you can get a higher price when you sell it than when you bought it. This is because you can store it safely and use it as a resource when in a tight spot. You can quickly sell your gold jewellery to Brisbane pawnbrokers for instant cash.

But What If My Gold is Broken?

If my gold is broken, what does it mean can I still sell it? As gold does not lose value or is affected by its state, you can still get money for broken gold jewellery. The fact is that the gold market value remains the same.

This is because so many pawnbrokers repurchase it at high market rates. The dealer will value your gold on the total content found in pieces regardless of the condition. As a result, instead of keeping your broken necklace or bracelet, sell it to a pawnshop.

The Buyback of Broken Gold Jewellery

The truth is that Brisbane pawnbrokers are always looking for any item that contains gold. Whether you have coins, bars, or jewellery. The fantastic thing is the purer the gold, the more you can get for it. For that reason, if you have broken gold pieces, you can still sell them to a pawnshop as scrap gold.

The dealer will appraise the jewellery pieced based on the gold karat, weight, and current gold spot price on the day to give you cash in hand. The offer depends on the grams or ounces of gold found and the purity of each piece.

On the other hand, if you have pure gold (22k or 24k), you get a higher rate for it and best to separate the broken pieces based on the karat to sell them together when the pawnbroker weighs it. Another essential thing in selling scrap gold is to check the best time to sell it, referring to the current gold price online.

Pawnbrokers Are The Best Place to Sell Broken Gold

Whether you have fine pieces of gold jewellery or they are broken, a pawnshop will repurchase them from you. This is because the appraisal of the gold ensures that you get a fair yet accurate price. Therefore, a pawnbroker places a value on your gold jewellery, allowing them to assess them fairly. As a result, while your gold is broken, it still has value. So, do yourself a favour and browse through that jewellery box. You never know what treasures you can find to sell at your local pawnshop.

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