Broken Refrigerator? Here’s When to Replace It – or Not

Commercial refrigerators are highly important equipment that is used in various kinds of industries and businesses, especially in foodservice businesses such as restaurants and cafeterias, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores. Most of the commercial refrigerators come in large sizes and wide spaces, one of which is the quality double door fridges. Given the huge capacity and volume these refrigerators have, it is no longer a surprise that they can consume a large amount of energy as well.

However, just like any other type of appliances and equipment, commercial refrigerators are also prone to any form of damage, or worse, breaking down. Now when the time comes that your commercial refrigerator breaks down, the most recommended thing to do is not to replace the equipment right away, as the most common cause of such breakdown is the compressor.

About the Compressor

In case you don’t know much about how commercial refrigerators work, the compressor is a highly important part of any type of refrigeration system, even considered to be the heart or the powerhouse of the refrigeration system. This is because its primary function is to drive the refrigerant to other parts of the refrigerator. Most of the work in the mechanical sense is done by the compressor to maintain the good operation of the refrigerator.

If the compressor fails, the refrigeration process will no longer work. This is why you need to check the compressor to know when to replace it, instead of buying a new refrigerator itself.

Compressors breaking down may be quite a hassle to business owners and even homeowners. But if there is a good side to this issue, it is the fact that the incident of compressors breaking down without any prior warning is very rare to happen. But you have to keep an eye on it as well, as the compressor can lose its efficiency and functionality over time, which can affect the operation and energy consumption of your refrigerator.

To make a thorough evaluation with your commercial refrigerator in case it is facing a problem, you have to answer the following questions: first, is the problem caused by the compressor itself, or in other parts of the refrigeration system? And the second one is: in case the compressor is damaged, is it justifiable to replace the refrigerator itself?

Is the Compressor Not Really Working?

Given the act that the compressor is a very important component in the refrigeration process, it is a common process to check for it first in case your refrigerator breaks down or is having a problem with its performance. Efficient and durable, compressors that are used today will ensure that your refrigerator will work properly for a long time.

So if there comes a time when your refrigerator stops working properly, there is nothing wrong with checking the compressor first. But there are other things that you have to check as well, especially if it turns out that the compressor is still working very well.

Aside from damaged compressors, some other factors that can affect the performance of your commercial refrigerator, which may cause it to stop functioning properly include having a dirty condenser coil or evaporator, getting the wrong type of refrigerant to use, or having a loose electrical connection.

But to ensure that your refrigerator is undergoing scheduled maintenance activities, you should have your compressors checked as well. This has to be done so that it would be easy to detect and recognize potential problems, even while they still develop, to be solved or corrected before it is too late. This is why you have to always keep in touch with the best experts in terms of refrigerator and compressor maintenance.

What You Should Do Upon Damaged Compressor

No matter how durable and efficient your compressor is, there will still be the tendency for it to break down or get damaged. In case such a thing happens, you have to make an evaluation of your refrigeration system to determine whether or not your refrigerator has to be replaced. The good thing about this is the fact that such full replacement is not a common option.

Why Compressor Replacement Saves More Money Instead

Most brands of commercial refrigerators might tell you all sorts of reasons why you should fully replace your refrigerator itself in case it stops working or starts having problems with its performance. This, however, is not a highly recommended choice. As was mentioned before, the most common reason for your refrigerator to break down has something to do with your compressor.

This is why you have to make sure that you have your compressor checked first for damage. Once you find out that it is indeed the reason, the best thing to do is to replace the compressor itself, saving you lots of money than buying a new refrigerator.

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