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If you’re in search of a new pair of cheap glasses or need to replace your lens, ABBE Glasses has great choices at low prices. Their 14-day return policy gives customers the chance to try on and return any frame for 100% store credit or 50% refund via your original payment method.


ABBE Glasses offers an extensive selection of frames in popular shapes and colors. Choose from traditional square, round, or cat-eye frame styles for the perfect look!

When choosing frames, be sure to select the right size for your face shape. ABBE Glasses offers four frame size groups (XS, S, M and L) based on frame width.

Frame width refers to the overall length of a frame, measured from top to bottom including lens and bridge widths in millimeters. You can find your exact measurement on the inside of the temple arm. You will find aviator sunglasses at ABBE Glasses.

Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are often used in eyewear, particularly for children’s eye wear. Both materials meet safety standards while being lightweight and chemical-resistant – making them an ideal choice for children’s eye protection.


At Discount Lens Warehouse, we offer an unbeatable selection of lenses at unbeatable prices. Our mission is to give you affordable glasses that provide comfort, style and durability at great value.

Lenses come in a range of materials and designs. Common lens materials include CR-39 plastic, polycarbonate, and Trivex.

CR-39 plastic: Refractive index (ND): 1.498

Abbe value (Vd): 59.3
Density: 1.31g/cm3
UV cutoff: 355 nm

The refractive index of a lens material is critical, as it determines how well light passes through it. Higher-refractive-index lenses tend to be thinner than lower ones since less material needs to bend light.

CR-39 plastic lenses also boast photochromic capabilities, which darken automatically when exposed to sunlight and then brighten again indoors. Newer Transitions lenses darken significantly faster and more evenly than their predecessors.


If you’re searching for fashionable sunglasses, ABBE Glasses is an excellent place to visit. Not only do they carry a vast selection of frames in all shapes, colors and sizes imaginable, but they also offer prescription lenses at an unbeatably low price point.

Their glasses-related accessories are just as impressive, featuring eyeglass chains, cases, clip-on sunglasses and cleaning tools. All of these have been created to make your glasses experience easier and more enjoyable.

ABBE Glasses offers a 14-day return policy. If an item you purchase from them is not as described, ABBE Glasses will give you either 100% store credit (excluding shipping) or 50% refund to your original payment method.


ABBE Glasses provides customers with a 14-day warranty to exchange or return products without hesitation. Furthermore, they have a 90-day product warranty, meaning you are covered for up to three months if your frames or lenses are damaged during normal use.

Opting for eyeglasses with a reliable warranty can save you from a lot of hassle, particularly if you purchase them online. But it is essential to understand what that warranty covers prior to making a purchase.

Before purchasing, be sure to inquire about the warranty for both frames and lenses. In some cases, stores may allow you to extend coverage by paying extra fees.

When purchasing lenses, the quality of the lenses should be taken into account. Optical stores usually carry lenses made from materials with low levels of chromatic aberration such as polycarbonate. This is due to a material’s Abbe value – which measures how much light disperses – which measures how well light disperses.

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