Can Facial Massage Change Your Face Shape? 

Facial massage has been a go-to for centuries. It is one of the most popular beauty treatments across the world, and many celebrities swear by it.

Facial massage is a technique that can be used to improve overall health and appearance. It’s been known to help with muscle spasms, stress relief, headaches, and even acne. But can it also change your face shape? No scientific research has been done to prove this. But to find out more, read on…

How facial massage works

It’s no surprise that facial massage is gaining popularity for its effects on skin health. It has proved to prevent sagging and jowls.

Facial massage can be broken down into two parts:

  • pressing techniques
  • stroking techniques

Pressing your muscles works much like Yoga – it lengthens them, making them stronger and more supple. Strolling along the contours of your muscles adds definition to your features, much like how weight-lifting would make a bodybuilder’s arms more defined.

By visiting Laduora, a professional facial masseur can carry out the treatment using types of techniques. The most popular reason for facial massage is to reduce signs of aging, with many spas using it in their anti-aging treatments.

When your face is massaged, it improves your health by stimulating specific meridians on the face. This helps to prevent wrinkles or treat skin conditions by working on these acupressure points every day via facial massage.

Does facial massage change your face shape?

No one really knows if massaging certain spots on your face can actually turn a long nose into a short one or round out angular jawline. However, there are techniques that can be helpful.

If you have a wide jawline, you can massage around the temples and work down towards the chin to help slim it down. Working from the sides of your face toward a point between your ears at the top of your head will work to widen your forehead, making it appear smaller overall.

By massaging along this line from your ear to just above your cheekbone, you’ll be able to define those facial features by giving them more shape. If you’re really daring, consider trying out some permanent makeup as an easy way to change up your look without having to go through any elaborate beauty treatments.

Bottom line

Facial massage has been designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging on your skin. It also promotes lymphatic drainage for cellular detoxification, helps stimulate natural collagen production which gives your skin more elasticity and increases circulation in order to improve overall blood flow. And While facial massage may not literally change the shape of your face, there are other techniques that can be useful if you are looking to redefine your facial features.

If facial massage sounds like something you might be interested in trying out, Laduora can help you achieve the kind of skin you’ve been looking to get. visit our website or contact us today to book an appointment!

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