Can Peeing on the Fence System Be Fatal For Pet Dogs?

You are looking for an electronic dog fence that is effective and useful to keep your pet dog safe within the boundary of your house. As a pet-keeper, you consider the pet your child and try to make sure it is getting all the required amenities and opportunities to live in its way.

For healthy growth and normal activities, the dog needs to be unleashed for some hours at least. This becomes possible with a suitable quality electronic dig fence. But have you ever thought of the dangers that can cause the system?

Why can the electronic fence be fatal for the dog?

The electronic dog fence can create a serious situation for the dogs themselves. You all know the system is connected with the transmitter completely with different lengths of wire depending on your boundary area. But transmitters are always suggested to be kept under a roof or some shade to keep it away from rainwater or other natural or manmade hazards.

For wires, underground fencing is always suggested over the aboveground system due to the risk associated with wire from different sources. With the wires buried 2-6 feet under the soil, they will be safe from any risk. Also, the dogs won’t be able to reach closer to the fences at all.

The dogs are also trained well before using the system completely. They get the training to learn the system, acknowledge the alert from the collar, and react to the correctness through retreating. But the training does not make the dog learn how to behave with the fence system. The trainer or the pet-keeper doesn’t ask the dog to keep a safe distance from the system.

The dogs tend to pee on the bushes or the barren lands or below the tree trunks. Naturally, when the dog pees on electric fence, the system receives the water on the electronic system and causes electrocution, leading to a severe threat to the pet. If the collar is at the neck, it can either connect the correctness largely causing the dog further or keep the dog away from further distance to stay far from the fencing.

Though a dog seldomly gets electrocuted by lightning in the streets, the same thing happens when they pee on the electronic dog fence. The current jumps to provide the shock in reaction to the source. If the electrocution power is high and the dog could not retreat from the place and condition immediately, it may die then and there.

Steps you can take to prevent such incident

The system installed to keep the pet dog safe can become the reason for its life risk. The pet-keeper needs to be very conscious about the factor and try to make the dog understand not to pee on the boundary areas.

You need to make sure you are doing your best to keep the dog away from the system or the fences directly in every possible way. Ensure you keep an eye on your dog and make it pee in specific places and not anywhere. The electronic fence must continue to save the pets and not hurt. 

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