Car Trip to New York: 5 Kids-Friendly Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

What to see in New York with children? Should you travel to New York with children? Are there interesting places for children? These questions are very popular among family travelers. 

New York is unlike any other city in the world, but despite its fast pace and business orientation, it has something to offer not only adults but also children. Rent a car in New York and you’ll see for yourself by visiting a large number of interesting places. Alternatively, you can book Albany car rental and enjoy other attractions on the way to New York. Many kids-friendly attractions of the Big Apple are located outside the city, making a rental car an excellent transport solution in any case.

Well, where to go and what to see if you are traveling with children? Check the following must-visit points in NYC…

SeaGlass Carousel 

Do you want to take a magical trip to the bottom of the ocean by riding a huge fish? Then you should definitely visit the SeaGlass Carousel in the southern part of Manhattan Island. After all, the creators of this carousel have a motto: “Everyone can feel like a fish!” 

The walls of the transparent pavilion-carousel shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow – from blue to purple-red, from golden to turquoise. This is a real light show with beautiful music. With its amazing activities, SeaGlass Carousel will be the right starting point for your trip!

Roosevelt Island Tram 

A rental car will allow you to see all the secret places of New York, but what about fantastic skyline views? Roosevelt Island Tram is a great way to see the city from a different angle. This is a funicular in New York that runs over the East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Upper Manhattan

It was originally built as a temporary means of transportation for residents, but now, the cable car has become a real tourist treasure and even a cinematic attraction. Maybe your children remember the scene in the ’Spider-Man’ movie, where this particular tram appears? 

Coney Island 

Your trip to America with kids won’t be complete without visiting an amusement park! Coney Island Luna Park offers a huge variety of rides – from six types of roller coasters to the oldest wooden attraction ‘Cyclone’, which has already become a legend among tourists. 

The park is located by the ocean, providing an excellent setting for a relaxing rest. There are a lot of eateries around, which is very convenient when traveling with children. 

New York Aquarium

Exploring the marine world at New York Aquarium will delight your kids. Huge reservoirs of corals, jellyfish, sharks, majestic turtles, seahorses and a variety of fish species of all sizes and colors await young explorers. A special delight is the show of fur seals, which after the show you can also pet! 

The Aquarium is located not far from the Coney Island amusement park. If you use car rental to move around the city, you’ll be able to visit both places in one day. 

High Line Park 

This is the best urban park in the world. It‘s a railway and a city oasis that combines the beauty of nature and modern technology. The High Line is a steel overpass that hangs over streets and neighborhoods, stretching across three boroughs of Manhattan. This is a favorite place for the townspeople for walks, lunches and rest with the whole family. 

There’s always something going on there: exhibitions, installations, yoga meditations, or concerts. If you get tired of the activity, you can relax on the comfortable sun loungers and enjoy the landscape masterpieces. 

Bronx Zoo 

Would you like to see the wildlife in the middle of a bustling metropolis? Then drive your rental car to the Bronx Zoo! Animals are kept here without cages, in spacious enclosures. This is New York City’s premier zoo with an impressive collection of animals and birds from around the world. 

There are lions, grizzly bears, alligators and the symbol of America – the Bald Eagle. If your child loves animals, a pleasant experience is guaranteed.

Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel is a magical vintage ride for adults and children. It’s located between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, so here you can’t only ride, but also enjoy the stunning city views. 

48 hand-carved horses and two painted chariots whirl to pleasant music, and in the evening it’s accompanied by the fantastic illumination. Nearby is the cozy Main Street Park with lush gardens, a picnic area, a beautiful waterfront, snack bars and bike paths.