Cards Against Disney – What the Game Is All About

Cards Against Humanity is an adult party game that has been highly popular since its first release in 2011. The game has sold millions of copies and has been amended with multiple expansion packs. The game also has separate expansion sets with unique themes.

But there are no Disney Cards Against Humanity themes available, as the Walt Disney Company would prefer not to be associated with an adults-only party game. That hasn’t stopped one group from making an unofficial Disney-themed spinoff of this party game.

Cards Against Disney is available on PickCards, and a few other online retailers. You can purchase it online, but be advised that this game is not an official Cards Against Humanity product, nor is it endorsed by Disney.

The purpose of Cards Against Disney is for players to complete fill-in-the-blank statements with one of the many questionable or possibly risque answers listed on one of the playing cards. The goal is for a player to develop the most outrageous response that makes people laugh the most. The game is for players 17 years of age or older.

This party game can be played by at least three people at a time, although you could get up to twenty players at a time. Cards Against Disney features a vast assortment of cards, including 260 black (or red) cards with statements and 568 white cards with possible answers. Some of the items are ones from the original game revised with Disney characters, while others are new entries.

Here are a few steps on how to play Cards Against Disney:

  1. Arrange the cards in their proper colors. The black(red) cards include the statements the game leader will read to the players. The white cards have the answers the players can use.
  2. Deal ten white cards to each player. The cards should be face-down.
  3. The game leader will be chosen at this point. The leader or “Game Czar” is the person who will draw a statement card. The original Cards Against Humanity rules state that the leader will be the one who has defecated the most recently, although you could use a different standard for choosing the leader if you wish.
  4. The leader draws a black(red) card for the players to hear. For example, a card may read, “There’s an interesting movie Disney made a while back called ‘The Princess and the (blank).'”
  5. The other players must draw one white card each. The cards must be given face-down to the leader. Some black(red) cards have two blanks that require players to use two cards. An example here would be, “Ariel used to think that (blank) was for (blank).” These players must play those cards in the proper order to ensure they are in the right blanks.
  6. The leader will then read the answers. These can include things like “Bambi’s dead mother” or “Jane and Tarzan’s wild sex escapades.”
  7. The leader will select the funniest answer. Whoever submitted the chosen answer will earn a point.
  8. A new game leader is chosen, and everyone draws up to ten white cards once again. The game continues with a new red card. Every person in the game should have at least one opportunity to be the leader. The next leader could be chosen at random, although it is best to go with whoever is to the last leader’s immediate left or right.

The rules for how to play Cards Against Disney are easy to follow. The party game is a fun adult experience that makes people see their Disney favorites in a new and often inappropriate light.

But that’s not all, as you can also use some alternate rules for playing Cards Against Disney if you wish. The official alternate rules used in Cards Against Humanity can also work in Cards Against Disney. Some of these rules include the following:

  • A player can draw an extra white card if a red card requires two answers.
  • Players can depose the game leader and vote on their favorite cards instead.
  • A player can discard a card if that person does not understand the concept or reference in that card. For example, a person can discard “that vibrating toy Andy’s mom likes playing with” if that person doesn’t get the Toy Story reference.

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