Casino Tips and Tricks

When you lose a game at casinos, you often wonder what if you knew the tips and tricks? Worry not, as you will have your wish fulfilled today. We have compiled a list of some of the essential tips and tricks you should know before entering a casino. Let’s jump in:

Useful Tricks for You

Here are some useful tips that you can use:

Mind the slots next to the bathroom

Slots are the gamer’s best friend. But did you know that some of them have worst odds than others? Usually, the machines kept near the toiler will pay out less than others. This is because Casino knows that you will take a dig at the machine near the toilet, waiting for someone. We bet you never thought about it before. Right?

Use only your Player’s card for Extended gameplay

To determine if you are a worthy patron or not, casinos often calculate the average day trip. When you spend more, you will get better promotions and offers from the Casino. When you use your card for a small session, the bar may get down, and it will reduce your chances of getting those promos. To know about the Player’s card terms and conditions of different casinos, explore the list on the Casino Deets. It will help you grab the facts you want to discern.  

Never develop a hatred for dealers

Players often get into a frenzy of hate if the dealer is not drawing the ideal cards. This is a blunder to avoid. Whether winning or losing, you should respect the dealer as an individual working hard to earn money. Instead, try to socialize with the dealer, have fun while respecting them and add cherished moments to your gameplay altogether. If it’s your day, always tip the dealers.

Stay away from side bets

Sidebets come with useless betting odds. It would help if you never fell into the trap. One fine example is the insurance bets in the Blackjack. The side bets will only draw more money from you without providing anything in return.

Video Casino Games mean free drinks

When you put tons of money into a video game, it is easy for the bartender to notice you. Usually, you will get complimentary drinks when you are putting in money. To ensure you get the drinks, you can put in $100 as the startup play money. Don’t flag down the bartender and start making small bets. The bartender will notice you, and you will surely get drinks free of cost. When you get one, tip the bartender and cash out. Continue the same with another machine, and you are set for a good day.

Get an instant room discount using a Player’s card

If you are settling down in a casino in Vegas, you should try to get a Player’s card. This will allow you to get a room at a discounted price. The Club card can help you bag as many as 20% hotel discounts. If you stay longer and play more, you can get complimentary offers and reward points, depending on the venue’s program.  

Don’t skip the chance to ask the dealer for advice

Dealers are often trained to be friendly with the guests and show gratitude towards beginners. If you think you have forgotten a rule, you can expect a good explanation from the dealer. Often, dealers are happy if you win a hand after their advice. This also impresses them and may turn the luck in your favor. Additionally, they get a fixed salary. So, they will offer genuine unbiased advice.

Wanted to know about Craps? Wondering about a hand combination at poker? Just ask the dealer.

You can carry your strategy card.

Games like Blackjack are driven by mindful strategy. It is always okay to carry the card with you. It will help you whether to Hit, Split or Double in the game. Players often recognize their winning strategy and then print it out. It would help if you made sure that the chart was printed on a piece of paper, not any digital device.


We hope the tips and tricks did raise your eyebrows plenty of times during the read time of the article. We would like to conclude the piece of writing, expecting you to enjoy playing at the Casino more while keeping the points mentioned above in mind.  

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