CBD Capsules: Can It Help People with Diabetes?

Can CBD capsules be used to treat diabetes? The truth is that early studies are showing that CBD may be able to help lower blood sugar and increase insulin production. You can visit thesite.org to find more info regarding the different CBD products.

However, these studies are still in the very early stages, and most of the studies conducted so far have been on rats and mice.

CBD and Diabetes

Over 34 million Americans have diabetes, and roughly 90-95 percent of them have type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes generally affects adults over the age of 45, but more and more children and young adults are starting to develop type 2 diabetes primarily due to unhealthy eating habits.

Although most research on CBD and diabetes has been done on mice and rats, initial findings indicate that CBD may help lower the risks of developing diabetes, and it may help reduce glucose levels. Still, more studies are needed before any conclusions are made.


Research into whether or not CBD can improve blood sugar levels and increase insulin production is still very limited.

However, one study done on mice with less blood flow to the brain found that CBD cut down on high blood sugar, lowered cholesterol, and increased insulin production.

Studies in rats and mice also found that CBD increases good cholesterol levels or “brown fat,” which can increase the body’s ability to use glucose.

Benefits of CBD for People with Diabetes

As far as using CBD to manage and control high blood sugar and increase insulin production, more research will need to be conducted into those areas to determine if CBD offers any benefits for people with diabetes.


In one study specifically looking at the inflammation caused by high glucose levels, researchers determined that CBD positively affected several inflammation markers.

This study suggests the CBD may help prevent or offset the damage that high blood sugar levels can do to blood vessels.

Starting with 20mg CBD oil capsules to treat diabetic inflammation and nerve pain is a good dosage to begin with, but always check with your doctor before taking any CBD products.

High glucose levels in the bloodstream will damage blood vessels and capillaries, leading to nerve pain. Many people with diabetes suffer from pain in their extremities due to damage to blood vessels.

Diabetic Nerve Pain

CBD capsules, creams, and other ointments can help to alleviate inflammation and neuropathic pain, which often affects the hands and feet of people with diabetes.

Diabetic nerve pain is usually treated with prescription painkillers that can be addictive and often have debilitating side effects. CBD is now proving to be an effective and nonaddictive choice for alleviating pain caused by arthritis, nerve damage, and other forms of chronic pain.

Early tests on CBD and how it can ease the symptoms of diabetes and lower blood sugar levels have been primarily done on mice and rats. The problem is that humans are very different from rats and mice, and what is effective on mice and rats may not be effective on humans.

The bottom line is that more studies on humans with diabetes will have to be done to determine if CBD can be used to treat, prevent, or manage diabetes.

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