CCTV Camera & Biometric Attendance Machine Price in Pakistan

A better option for a secure workplace

For making things easier and to get rid of daily problems one has to enter the realm of technology. Technology is ever-evolving and to ensure public safety CCTV cameras and biometric devices are the best hi-tech system solutions that every workplace should have. Here we will guide you through the best CCTV camera price in Pakistan & Biometric attendance machine price in Pakistan

Opting the Best CCTV camera price in Pakistan 

Whether you are a house owner or a businessman you will not compromise your security. For keeping a better check at your place CCTV cameras are the best monitoring devices. CCTV camera price in Karachi and across Pakistan varies depending on the number of units installed and the type of CCTV installed.

What CCTV camera you should go with?

Things to keep in mind while buying CCTV cameras are correct lenses, sensors, and output resolution. Usually, better zoom lenses are required to get a clear record of film or lenses that can adjust the light to the sensor to increase resolution. Another factor is what output resolution is suitable for your workplace, the more pixels the better the resolution. There are some places where you don’t require image clarity you can opt lower output resolution rather than spending on expensive pixel cameras. There is a list of CCTV cameras below you can opt that best suits you. 

CCTV Analogue cameras record the images and send signals to a recorder (DVR which is connected to a monitor to view the video) that converts analogue signals to digital signals, compresses the file, stores the recording to a hard drive. Hard disks can come in handy to view the previous recordings if there is a theft.

Bullet CCTV cameras are ideal for large premises as their strength is remote viewing and high image resolution. Protective casing shields them against water, dust, and other elements. These cameras provide HD resolution up to 30m with IR night vision. 

Dome CCTV cameras have a unique design which makes it hard for an onlooker to tell which way the camera is facing and create an air of uncertainty for criminals to break in. These cameras are vandal resistant as they are small and discreet to point out by the onlooker.

IP (internet protocol) network cameras have advanced features for recording, store video digitally, and transfer the footage via a computer network. As they are connected to the internet you can see unusual activities while you are away these are ideal for both commercial and residential purposes.

PTZ cameras are important where specialists sitting in a monitoring room can move the camera (tilt-up & down, right, left) to the required position and zoom to clarify and caught unusual action on the spot. These are better for indoor commercial places. 

Attendance device price available in Pakistan

To resolve the employee attendance issues biometric devices are the best options. A biometric device is an authentication device that recognizes the identity of a person based on physical and behavioral characteristics. Biometric attendance device price in Pakistan vary depending on the quality, durability, accommodating number of employees, and modality (facial, retina, RFID) of biometric device installed. 

What biometric attendance device you should go with?

Facial & Retinal based biometric devices like ZKTeco uFace800 & ZKTeco MB-360 (Retina Based) are suitable for large-scale businesses in which you can keep track of exactly who entered your premises. This portable advanced device has a larger storage space and matching capability of thousands of employees. 

Fingerprint time attendance machine are ideal for small-scale & mid-size businesses. Fingerprint attendance devices are commonly used in Karachi. A smart and advanced biometric device like ZKteco WL-20, ZKTeco K-30 prices in Pakistan are not high and provide higher accuracy with upgraded security as compared to other biometric attendance devices.

RFID-based biometric device where physical contact is avoided and special ID cards are scanned by the device to gain entry permission. For the smaller companies where face scanners can be a bit out of the budget, they can go with RFID-based attendance devices. 

To conclude

CCTV & biometric devices substantially help to discover suspicious activities at any place and guard against fraudulent attempts of multiple personalities respectively. For finding high quality and original products Pak communication provides the best available range and the best affordable prices for CCTV & biometric devices so you can make your home and workplace secure.