Chani Nattan

Chani Nattan is an Indian singer who is associated with Punjabi-language music who lives in Canada. Many works of this talented artist have been published and appreciated by the people. Today we will know about his work and life. Let’s find out more about this outstanding artist-

  • Early Life and Career

Charnveer Natt, better known as Chani Nattan, is a renowned Punjabi artist. He is currently in Vancouver, Canada. The 28-year-old artist has made a name for himself in a short time. His wanderings in music are first from passion which gradually turned into his profession. This talented artist has already released many of his songs on the YouTube channel which has brought him fame in the world today. He runs a YouTube channel in his name. That means the name of his YouTube channel is “Chani Nattan’.

  • Some of His Famous Works

With over half a dozen tracks as well as a million streams online on his channel Chani Nattan has shown his talent everywhere. He has worked with top artists including Intense, Harj Nagra, and Video Director Sagar Deol. Some of his most famous works are “Friend Like Me”, “Kaali”, “Alone”, “Big Shot”, “Free Jaggi”, “Munda Jattan Da”, “Supporta”, “I Miss You”, “October 31”, “Dear Manna”, Motorcycle Wale”, “Soldier”, “Notorious”, “Jordan”, “Rambo”, ” Mere Dushman”, “Shikhar”, “Rose”, Made in Italy” etc. His latest hit song entitles “Rockstar” is penned by him too.

  • The Light of Hope for New Talent

Not only does he compose and perform, but he also discovers and encourages new Punjabi talent in Vancouver, Canada. He helps local talent in by endorsing new musicians, audio producers as well as directors. This quality of his sets him apart from everyone else. He works not only for himself but also for new Punjabi talent. This talented artist does not believe in moving forward alone. He believes in moving forward together. Proof of which can be seen in promoting his new face.

He has written many hit tracks only to support local talents and to bring new faces to the Pollywood music industry.

  • His Success

In a short time, this artist has intoxicated the world with the melody. His work is widely appreciated. Samples of the success of his work can be seen from the chart below-

3.3 Million Views on Kharku Life

3.1 Million Views on Kaali

2.7 Million Views on Tracksuit

2.5 Million Views on Rose

2.1 Million Views on Watch Your Mouth

1.9 Million Views on Soldier

1.2 Million Views on Untouchable

Here are just a few examples of his popularity. In reality, his success is even greater.

  • Social Services

Not only does this talented artist write songs, compose melodies, and find new faces, but he also plays a significant role in serving society. He works to unite the youth of his city Surrey to assist the less fortunate people of Canada. He works for disadvantaged people. Here are some examples of the social service of this anti-publicity artist-

Surrey born and raised Chani Natt built a social community that has to turn into a shimmering beacon for people who are searching for a warm meal and comedic relief. On 2/12/2018 the “Third Annual Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Food & Toy Drive” was placed in Surrey BC. The team assisted raises over 38,000 lbs of food for the Surrey Food Bank. It was the biggest organized work towards accumulating food for all those less privileged in British Columbia.

Out of responsibility for society, this artist became interested in working for helpless people. He has no interest in it but he is still working and if necessary he will do more for the society and the Pollywood music industry. He wants to be remembered through his work.

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