Choosing a Dslr Camera Microphone

The number of people watching videos online has increased significantly, so many vloggers and others are interested in making high quality videos for their Youtube channel, marketing and other purposes. Most people will get bored watching moving images without sound, so sound is also required. While most of the cameras used for making videos have an inbuilt microphone, the quality of the audio is not very good, since cameras are mainly designed to capture images and video well. Hence many video producers are interested in finding a suitable dslr camera microphone that is external to the camera. Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing a microphone are discussed below.


Users should be aware that all video cameras are not designed for connecting a microphone. Usually the specifications will state whether the camera can accept external audio input. For connecting the microphone, the camera will usually have a plug jack or XLR connector. In some cases, the connection is hidden behind doors or other cover. If the user is unable to find a provision for connecting the microphone he should consider carrying a separate unit for recording audio. Alternately he should consider using another model of video camera for recording videos.

Microphone selection

One of the main features which distinguishes the different types of   is the pickup pattern, the region around which the sound is captured. Based on the type of video being recorded, a microphone with a suitable pickup pattern should be selected. For outdoor videos and wedding films where the environmental sound has to be captured, an omni-directional or stereo microphone is preferred. An omnidirectional microphone will capture sound from all around the microphone, while the stereo microphone will capture sound like humans, mainly from the front, with some sound from the sides and rear.

Often the videos feature dialog or interviews and in this case, the voice of the person or people speaking should be clearly audible. In this case another type of camera microphone is recommended – shotgun microphone whose pickup pattern mainly focuses on picking up sounds from front, with a small amount of sound from the rear, and sides. A shotgun type microphone is usually longer than most of the microphones and is cylindrical in shape. It is designed to pickup the human voice frequencies properly, for best voice quality. However, to get good voice quality, it should be kept as close to the speaker as possible, if the distance from the speaker is more than three feet, the voice quality could deteriorate.


One of the main advantages of using a microphone with a camera is that it is a backup audio recording. People pay video film companies a large amount for recording important events in their life, like wedding, engagements, parties. The audio system of the recording camera may fail or the settings may not be proper, adversely affecting video quality. In this case having an external dslr camera microphone ensures that there is at least another audio source available. Many film makers have to carry their recording kit with them, so they are interested in using gadgets which are light in weight and affordably priced. The camera microphone is compact and also provides high quality audio.




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