Choosing the Best Solar Batteries in Kenya

In day-to-day activities, we all need a reliable source of power to make lives more efficient. Solar batteries have been in the market for a long time now and this has made them more popular over the years. In Kenya, solar batteries are more popular in rural areas where there is no electricity connectivity.

Nowadays, even people who have electric connections are slowly adapting to solar batteries at their homes as backup mostly when the electricity goes off. After purchasing a solar battery, the energy is free thus making solar battery prices in Kenya more friendly. The following are some of the things leading to low solar prices in Kenya.

Increased electricity bill

In Kenya, the cost of producing electricity is increasing day by day this is due to increased taxation on things like fuel. For example, according to the leading company providing electricity, buying less than ten units, a customer is charged twelve shillings for each unit. This has become a challenge for low-income earners.

Recently, customers are now opting to purchase solar batteries because one can store extra energy for later uses thus using the power when one needs it. Companies selling these solar batteries have reduced their prices thus making them more available. Their prices are becoming friendlier as days go by.

Also, installing solar batteries is cheap as compared to installing electricity. There are no tiresome processes to follow when installing them. One just goes to the nearest dealer, buy a solar battery that suits your needs, find qualified personnel to safely install it and everything will be set and ready for use. This will eventually reduce the electricity bill in one’s home.

Solar batteries are durable

 When it comes to durability, a solar battery has a longer lifespan because for example, if installed today, there is a possibility that one will replace it once after twenty years of usage. This important factor has played a major impact in making the solar battery prices in Kenya friendlier to the new buyers.

Solar batteries are redeeming themselves in the market

Recently, the Kenyan government came up with a project called the last mile intending to connect electricity to more homes. This project enabled more homes to access electricity thus abandoning the solar battery power for good. This made solar batteries less or even completely not used.

But recently, due to the increased cost of electricity, more people are opting back to using solar batteries as their backup source of power. There is a notable increase in people purchasing solar batteries. Solar batteries are now coming up with discounts to attract more customers thus leading to reduced prices.

 Solar batteries are easy to maintain

There are simple and cheap maintenance costs that most do not require much expertise. One needs to clean the battery terminals regularly and make sure that the connections are tight and well placed. Using batteries is cost-efficient because there is less maintenance cost thus saves money.

All in all, we all need a source of power that is reliable and cheap. Although some risks come along with using solar batteries, there are more benefits as compared to other sources of power. The above-explained reasons are the factors leading to favorable solar battery prices in Kenya.

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