Cloud-based Predictive Dialer: Complete Guide

All telemarketers who are looking to pick up the automated calling solution often pay attention to predictive dialers, even though there are also different auto dialing solutions. Why is it so? Well, let’s find it out.

Cloud-based predictive dialer solutions can be extremely beneficial for almost any business that is looking to expand its customer base and acquire new customers through direct marketing.

What is Predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an auto dialer that uses a predictive algorithm to dial phone numbers from the contact list. As you should know, there are different auto dialing modes, such as Predictive dialer, Power dialer, Progressive dialer, and Preview dialer. Obviously, all these dialers are dissimilar and designed to serve different purposes.

A predictive dialer is a solution designed to process cold calls, as it is the fastest outbound dialer available on the market. So, why do you need such a dialing pace? To process massive outbound calling campaigns.

The cloud-based predictive dialer is called so because it works using cloud technologies and the solution itself is provided via the Internet as SaaS (Software as a Service). Thus, a Predictive dialer needs no analog infrastructure to be all set, and you pay for it as for subscription, so any SMB (small or midsize business) can afford such a solution and start outbound calling campaigns immediately.

What is the difference between Predictive dialer and other auto dialers?

Let’s define the difference between Predictive dialers and other auto dialers by differentiating them from each other.

First of all, let’s start by comparing the Predictive dialer and the Power dialer. As you can guess, the main difference between these two solutions is in algorithms and purpose.

When it comes to algorithms, let’s say that the Predictive dialer has a much more advanced algorithm than its brother, the Power dialer. Predictive dialer deserved its name because it predicts the average duration of each call and starts dialing a new phone number from the contact list when the agent is still on call – exactly at the moment when the time last to end the call is similar to the time needed to reach out to a new prospect. Thus, there is almost no delay between the calls, and agents process live conversations with prospects permanently, without a need for a system to wait till the agent is free. This is what makes the Predictive dialer the fastest auto dialer – the dialing speed is over 100 dials per hour with a contact rate of 75%. For the Power dialer, the dialing pace is 75 dials per hour with a flexible success rate – from 50% to 75% respectively.

The power dialer is slower because of its algorithm – it starts calling new phone numbers from the contact list only when an agent is free, so this means an agent has to end the previous call, complete the after-call work, and set the status to “Free” manually, or system will do it automatically. Nonetheless, the Power dialer needs only one agent to work correctly, while the Predictive dialer needs at least five agents to be all set. Also, the Power dialer has some unique features, like voicemail drop that are unavailable in the Predictive dialer. Therefore, the Power dialer is much more suitable to work with warm contact lists, with current customers, or with hot leads respectively.

The Predictive dialer and the Progressive dialer have almost the same dialing speed rates and can perform contact rates of around 75%. Nonetheless, they have different algorithms 0- while you have already learned the nature of the Predictive dialer algorithm, the Progressive dialer is basically a Power dialer, but it calls a few phone numbers at a time – not only one as the Power dialer does. Thus, it also requires a few agents to work correctly – the number of agents depends on the dialing ratio – the number of phone numbers called at one moment.

Preview dialer is absolutely different from all other auto dialers – it is neither suitable for warm calls, nor cold calls. Its dialing speed is around 50 dials per hour with flexible success rates similar to the Power dialer’s contact rates. It is designed to contact VIP customers or highly valuable prospects who deserve individual attention and personalized service. Its main feature is that the agent can check out the personal customer card for every prospect from the contact list before the call and decide whether to call this prospective customer or not.

To understand the difference between the performance of auto dialers and manual cold calling, you have to understand that manual dialing speed is never faster than 35 dials per hour – and this is the dialing speed for experienced sales reps. The contact rates are around 30%, which means they are much lower than in case of auto dialing campaigns.


If you want to pick up the solution that will help you to perform massive cold calling campaigns and generate cold sales through these calls, you have to look for Predictive dialer. It is the fastest and the most advanced type of the auto dialer you can buy, and it is designed to process cold calls. Predictive dialing mode is also irreplaceable if you own a debt collection agency or you need to update your old customer bases with tons of irrelevant contacts inside them.

Predictive dialer should be cloud-based because it will save you a lot of time and money on setup stage and this is the best solution for small and midsize businesses that don’t have a lot of resources to invest in on-premise solutions.