Coinigy is a useful tool for traders who wish to keep track of their portfolio on 43 different exchanges, trade on 11 of them, use Trading View charting, and execute traditional limit and stop limit orders. It supports margin trading on Poloniex and Bitfinex, as well as Binance Futures in the beta edition, however we must confess that the Coinigy app has certain flaws that need to be addressed.

On iOS, the app does not include a trading feature or enable trade automation. It doesn’t alert you when a long-term support level is breached or an order is placed. There are no sophisticated order types like trailing stop or take-profit, and futures trading is only available in the beta version with limited functionality. Their user interface should be improved, not to mention responsiveness difficulties on mobile and broken buttons that force you to exit the app. They’re also pricey.

Of course, no one is flawless, and no crypto trading and portfolio management tool is likely to be either. However, there are tenacious opponents who take on the aforementioned difficulties.

Let’s see how Coinigy stacks up against one of them: Good Crypto. But, first and foremost, why not just opt for Coinigy? It’s well-known, has good features, and was a big deal a few years ago.


Coinigy review was about that it is a fantastic solution a few years ago, and some of us are still waiting for them to emerge from the shadows, since the team and their potential are incredible. They must, however, solve a few difficulties in order to do so. Good Crypto has already introduced more exchanges to trade on top of, as well as more complex order types and helpful new services, like as futures trading, on a regular basis.

Coinigy also gives off an expensive feel, with an annual plan costing $186 per year, despite the fact that their competitors provide superior features for far less. A lifetime subscription to Good Crypto costs $200, while a year subscription costs only $69.

Given the amount of buttons that don’t work in Coinigy, as well as the fact that Good Crypto’s light design is easier, prettier, and friendlier to use, it’s not a tough decision for a user to make – which is unfortunate because the American software was a game changer at the time.

Another item they should definitely address is their mobile app’s alert button. Not only does it occasionally lock you out of the system, but it also only works on the web version, which is outdated in 2020. Apps like Good Crypto now provide you notifications when your purchase has been fulfilled, a new transfer has arrived, a long-term support level has been breached, or a token has been listed on your preferred exchange.

Not to mention the automation that should be focused on just to keep you ahead of the competition. Customers of Good Crypto, for example, may add take-profit and stop-loss orders to their original order, ensuring that your downside is covered and that you are ready to benefit if the price moves in your favor. The best thing is that such an arrangement will not necessitate any more effort or attention on your part. Isn’t that what every trader strives for?

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