Commercial Bakers – Looking for the Right Oven? How About a Deck Oven?

The center piece of any commercial baking operation is, of course the oven. However, in the world of ovens there are many different varieties, with numerous different characteristics, of cooking size and operation. The type of oven that you would choose depends on the requirements of each kitchen. You need to find an oven that best meets the needs of your commercial operation, in terms of what type of food you are cooking, daily cooking routine and work practices within your operation.

What is a Deck Oven?

A popular commercial oven is the deck oven, otherwise known as an annular Furness; these have their own distinguishing characteristics that set them aside from other ovens.

This type of oven has a number of floors which enable the cooking of different products simultaneously. Manufactured in stainless steel, they are strong, resilient, and designed for heavy commercial use. They come in many different sizes, so you can choose one that meets your precise needs.

Each deck or chamber can be separately controlled, so users can save on energy by only heating the ones that are needed. You can also regulate the temperatures of the ovens individually, which makes for versatility as well as economy.

What are Deck Ovens Used For?

Typically, deck ovens are used in bakeries, and pastry making businesses. They are at the top of the league for producing the perfect loaf.

Making the Right Choice

Research is key to choosing the right deck oven. Aside from selecting one that meets the immediate needs of what you are cooking, you would also need to think about exactly where, in your premises you intend to locate the oven. Some establishments such as local bakeries prefer to have the oven on display to the public; in such cases you would look to have a Deck Oven that is pleasing on the eye.

Also, think carefully about the actual installation. Can the oven that you choose be easily installed – perhaps in one piece or does it need to be built in sections on-site? Is it easy to marry up the installation to the electricity supply?

Think carefully about maintenance. At the end of the day, your Deck Oven is a vital part of your business, and you need to ensure that you have a good maintenance contract in place. New ovens, will, of course come with a guarantee and should anything go wrong, the supplier will put it right. That said, you must be clear about how quickly they will respond and what exactly is covered under the guarantee. Turning to ongoing maintenance contracts, these are equally important, particularly in the case of second-hand equipment. If downtime is an issue, then a rapid call out is needed.

Happily, these machines do have a long life, do not regularly break down and, generally, require little maintenance other than regular cleaning. Once you have made your choice you will be able to benefit for years to come.

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