Common Truths About Switching to Vaping

Everyone knows the smoking habit carries with it a multitude of health effects and concerns, and the addiction can be one of the hardest addictions to beat.  With many people making the transition from smoking to vaping, there are some truths to understand before you begin.  It’s important to know the experience will be different for everyone and it’s commonly understood that the longer you’ve smoked, the harder the transition might be.  Thankfully, vape flavors can be purchased in a variety of nicotine values so even the several packs a day smoker can be successful.

Cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals, which are all toxic and although there are some contaminants involved with vaping as well, the number is staggeringly lower.  And when you consider that more chemicals create more addiction, you are better off beating the addiction by decreasing your chemicals through vaping.

It is easy to purchase vaping products, especially if you’re decreasing your face-to-face shopping experiences.  The online vaping community is huge, with many websites such as Vape Australia also providing tips and tricks for the newest vapers.  If you prefer the face-to-face experience, check out your local vape shops as well.

Understand that the transition to vaping is a process and won’t work overnight.  You may need to supplement while you’re transitioning, especially if you need to experiment with your nicotine levels.  Like with all things, practice makes perfect.

Remember those health concerns discussed earlier?  A lot of vapers state they have had fewer bouts of coughing, headaches, and breathing issues since they started vaping.  And as an added bonus, vapers also have experienced less irritability and mood swings.  It may take a few days, or weeks to see improvements, but studies show the improvements will come.

One of the biggest things to consider in making the switch is to figure out which steps are going to make you the most successful.  Things like flavor choice and what type of device you start with are two of these steps.  That’s why both tobacco and menthol are common vape flavors.  Smokers are used to that taste and still being able to have it, with decreased health risks can be a huge game-changer. And since the act of smoking typically involves routine, how you vape can play a big part in your success as well.  For this reason, it might be a good idea to look for starter kits that feel like a cigarette, and allow you to inhale as you would normally.  There are many starter kits out there, and you should take time to check out your local vape shed and vape shop like Shosha to do some research.  Many sites provide upfront and honest information to help you in your quest for deeper breathing, all it takes is a simple search.

As you get used to vaping, you will be able to slowly decrease your nicotine intake if you want, while exploring all the flavors vaping has to offer.  And with the decrease in nicotine, comes an increase in breathing and healthy living.  There’s never been a better time to make the healthier choice!

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