Considering the Bare Necessities When Furnishing a College Dorm Room

If you’re planning to send a student off in the college experience for the first time, it takes only a few minutes of Pinterest to see how hard it can be to stay away from going too extravagant with your dorm furniture and other decorations.

Your child should feel comfortable in their new home. However, you must know what items are actually necessary. If you are self-controlled, plan, and research, you can have all the necessary items along with some aesthetics, without spending a fortune.


If you know who your roommates are, make contact with them in advance and divide any major purchases. There’s no need (or space) for two refrigerators and microwaves, couches and other things like that. It is also important to look over the furniture the school has supplied. It is possible that your dresser or bookshelf are taken care of by the school, for example. It’s important to know which items aren’t allowed in dorms. There are specific rules for electrical equipment like lamps and hot plates. Therefore, you can save yourself the hassle and also money by knowing what’s prohibited prior to your visit, like maybe betting sites like

Make a list

Make a comprehensive list of all the things you’ll require to locate or purchase to avoid that last-minute Walmart stop prior to your parents leaving town. Most dorms have the basics of a bed with a mattress as well as a desk and chair as well as a closet with drawers. You are likely to want to concentrate on the storage area and décor. Find items such as furniture cubes that can serve double duty as storage units as well as a seating area. IKEA is the best spot to find inexpensive, small-sized furniture and storage solutions. Make sure your plan has enough space to move around!

Hit the stores, or maybe don’t

When the time comes to buy then, check out resale shops or garage sales. The purchase of new items may not be the best choice in the context of college. Be sure to remind your child that the vintage look is the new trend.

Or don’t even buy anything. Look around your garage or basement for items that are not used or in good condition that could be salvaged with some cleaning or repainting. If you have children who are creative, you can encourage them to create by recycling things like curtains or decor. Making use of materials in your home will help with the transition to homesickness too.

If you are beginning to de-pack and discover you’ve forgotten something essential such as a comforter or a laundry basket, provide your child with cash or gift cards as well as the right to find it. A quick trip to the shops could help you get through those initial dark nights prior to classes starting and can even provide bonds with your new roommates.

Don’t be shocked when your child’s first trip home has an entire trunk full of memories. In the case of many students in college, it’s apparent that after a while and a few months, they are really looking for that teddy bear or the bowling trophy, after all. The pressure of moving to college can be overwhelming for parents and students. But having a plan and being prepared for the moving-in weekend will reduce stress!