Create entrancing focal points in your living space with these lighting ideas

Decorating your home is definitely an arduous task but not if you plan everything out step by step. There are a lot of factors involved in adorning every bit of your space and right at the centre of all those factors lies lighting. Lighting is one common element that binds all your decorative elements together and hence it is important to get the lighting layout of your space right. Lighting not only highlights the parts of your home you need to emphasise on but also accentuates the overall aesthetics of your space along with enhancing the functionality quotient too.

Lighting can highlight each of your decorative elements no matter where or how they are placed. You can use a number of decorative lighting fixtures or architectural lighting fixtures to create the desired effect. There are countless possibilities of what you can do with lighting and your decorative pieces but we list out the most impactful ones that can actually add a distinct flair to your space.

Highlight a stack of books with a table lamp

Books don’t just serve as a mode of activity in your leisure time but also serve as a versatile decorative element in the space. Books can beautifully accentuate the aesthetics of the space and also amplify the aura of your home. You can place a horizontal stack of books on a countertop, tabletop or a shelf and highlight it with a table lamp. This will create a beautiful focal point in space also an intriguing one which could give way to numerous conversations.

Light a corner with a floor lamp

The corners of any rooms are awfully ignored and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Add some functionality to the space by lending some good illumination using a floor lamp. There are countless floor lamp designs in the market and some feature a shelf too. Use the shelf or shelves to create a subtle focal point by placing a home decor or anything decorative in the space.

Highlight a piece of art in the space

Artwork and paintings are the flavour of the season and you can very well use the same to adorn your living space. Paintings infuse a distinct modern charm into your living space and it definitely stands out as it is indeed an intriguing focal point. Use a wall light or a picture wall light to beautifully light up a painting.

Bring alive a photo wall with picture wall lights

Relive countless memories by gorgeously lighting up a photo wall in your living space. There simply can’t be another focal point in the space that steals as much attention from you or anybody else you visits your space. This way, you not only create a focal point in the space but also paint your decor with your own story.

Use different kinds of home decor in the living space

You can never go wrong with home decor and there’s definitely enough space to add a few more design elements to your space. Be it a sculpture, artifact or anything modern, it will jazz up your living room unlike you’d ever imagine.

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