Creating a Renter’s Checklist: What to Look for When Viewing a Property

When searching for a rental property, it’s crucial to approach viewings with a discerning eye. To ensure you find a comfortable and suitable place to call home, it’s helpful to create a comprehensive renter’s checklist. Partnering with reputable letting agents in Sussex can greatly simplify the process This article will guide you through the essential factors to consider when viewing a property, enabling you to make an informed decision and secure the perfect rental space.

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Location and Surroundings:

Begin your renter’s checklist by evaluating the property’s location and surroundings. Consider proximity to amenities such as grocery stores, schools, public transportation, and healthcare facilities. Assess the neighbourhood’s safety, cleanliness, and noise levels. Pay attention to the availability of parking and the accessibility of major roads and highways. The location and surroundings of a rental property can significantly impact your daily life, so ensure they align with your preferences and requirements.

Property Condition:

Next, thoroughly examine the property’s condition during your viewing. Inspect the walls, floors, and ceilings for any signs of water damage, cracks, or mould. Check for adequate lighting and ventilation in each room. Test all electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures to ensure they are functional and safe. Examine windows and doors for proper insulation and security. Assess the general cleanliness of the property to gauge the landlord’s maintenance standards. Identifying any maintenance issues beforehand can help avoid potential disputes or inconveniences down the line.

Appliances and Utilities:

Evaluate the condition and functionality of the appliances provided in the rental property. Test the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and any other appliances included in the lease. Inquire about the age of these appliances and whether they have been regularly serviced. Check the water pressure and temperature in the bathroom and kitchen. Inquire about the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring they are in good working order. Adequate functioning of appliances and utilities is essential for a comfortable living experience.

Storage and Space:

Consider the available storage and space within the rental property. Assess the number and size of closets and cabinets in the bedrooms, kitchen, and living areas. Determine if there is enough room for your furniture and belongings. Consider the layout and flow of the space, ensuring it suits your lifestyle and preferences. Adequate storage and efficient use of space will contribute to a clutter-free and organized living environment.

Safety and Security:

Prioritize your safety and security when viewing a rental property. Check for working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Assess the quality of locks on windows and doors, ensuring they are sturdy and provide a sense of security. Inquire about security measures in the building or community, such as surveillance cameras or a secure entry system. It’s crucial to feel safe and secure in your new home.


Creating a renter’s checklist when viewing a property is an essential step in finding the perfect rental space. By evaluating factors such as location, property condition, appliances, storage, and safety, you can make an informed decision and ensure a comfortable living experience. Remember to take notes and ask relevant questions during viewings to aid in your decision-making process.

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