Creative Ideas on How to Make Business Go for the Bigger Revenue

Collective displacement

With the advent of the pandemic, life changed. COVID-19 deprived people of the usual amenities. We started working at home, not in the office, shopping online instead of our favorite stores, doing yoga online, not in the gym. Schools, doctor’s appointments, concerts and even weddings have gone online.

Mass rallies have been replaced by solitary gatherings in front of a laptop screen or gatherings of small companies at someone’s home. Many businesses have found that the customers they know so well have changed. Even the daily lives are going into the live streams. Just like Twitch, YouTube became dominant in streaming regular people’s lives. Just random people stream their daily life and it’s really wonderful because people crave paying attention to real & authentic streams. You can buy Youtube subscribers Paypal option integrated and it would be a good start-up for your company.

While the fight against the disease continues, brands need to find new ways to interact with consumers. What should you pay attention to?

Changes in information consumption. If before people went to work five days a week and saw advertisements in the subway, on billboards or city lights, now you need to look for other ways to convey this information.

Use multiple devices to make purchases. A person can start shopping from the phone and then log in from the laptop to check the information.

Replacement of tactile impressions with digital ones. Sometimes investing in a detailed copy of a product can give people exactly what they need to make a decision.

Creating a presence effect. For example, recreating an experience that was previously only available outside the home with new devices. This will help brands add a little magic to regular online sales.

Innovation “do it yourself”

Innovation is not only about devices and technologies, but also about the ingenuity of people in difficult circumstances. Quarantine showed that the ironing board can be turned into a desktop, and parents – into teachers.

Businesses need to rethink their approaches, offer consumers tools, not solutions, leaving them room for creativity. Businesses need to join the do-it-yourself revolution and give consumers the opportunity to co-author, blurring the line between producer and customer.

For example, develop tools and platforms for customer collaboration, where they can create products specifically for themselves.

Main advices from the business owners

Think – Start treating clients as co-authors. Consider your products and services “incomplete” and give customers the opportunity to complete them.

Speak  – Innovation is a long game. Create rituals that take root.

Take action – Allow customers to play with your products and services.