Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CSGO, is the first-person shooting video game that is an addition to the counter strike series. The gameplay comprises Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists thrown into a battleground to plant or defuse bombs and save the captured hostages.

Developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden path entertainment, it came up with some adjustments to the original gameplay. It doesn’t matter whether a player is from local or international boundaries; everyone has a unique fandom for this game and is always excited to know what’s new.

Players of this game appreciated the launch of CSGO as it came with new upgrades and made everyone addicted to its classic gameplay. It is the most accessible game in esports and has grown alarmingly since its release. The latest upgrade includes introducing weapons and equipment that were not installed previously- especially a new firebomb for each team. Apart from additions, it also saw some features being removed, like the ability of the players to explore the maps even after being dead freely was being removed from various modes. However, server hosts could change this setting as and when required.

Apart from the advanced gameplay, CSGO also has other benefits in different accounts that it offers to its players. We all know how competitive best grenade spots Dust 2 can get with its ever-increasing community, and hence everyone wants to win the race! These accounts are easily affordable and highly reliable.

There are three types of accounts:


Accounts that are meant to improve your gaming skills and don’t count for your overall rank. A higher rank player generally purchases it to play in opposition to a lower rank player to better his overall performance. It acts as a stress buster since losing or winning here doesn’t affect the prime rank and the currency collection that the player possesses.

Players usually see it as a side account that they can use whenever they feel that they want to practice against a newbie and regain their self-confidence.


This account unlocks the most efficient weapons and guns and makes the game all the more interesting. Only players with a rank as high as 21 can have access to this account. Newbies, however, can buy this account if they feel like competing with bigger and better players. This account improves the Matchmaking System and helps players with the same skill set compete and learn from the best of both sides!

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An account is mostly used by people who have attained a certain level in the game and are skilled enough to win battles by applying the best tactics. This account gives a combination of rewards and coins, and CSGO is famous for giving awards based on performance. The more awards it has, the better the account it forms. Hence, the high tier can be called the best account, among all other accounts.

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