Cuban Links: Jewelry in the Hip-hop and Rap World

Cuban links became popular in the 1970s and 1980s when Cuban citizens started wearing them in Miami. They are traditionally thick, heavy, flattened rings overlapping each other. They can be made of gold, silver, and other metal alloys. However, currently, diamonds and other stimulants are also being used to make exciting Cuban link accessories.

Cuban links have significantly marked their presence in the hip-hop and rap world, becoming an iconic representation of success and style in the industry. These bold, thick chains, often gold or silver, are undeniably attention-grabbing and make a profound statement. For those who have a strong affinity for unique, luxurious jewelry that stands out, diversifying your collection with exceptional pieces is essential. Yellow diamonds, for example, embody such rare beauty and elegance, offering another level of sophistication. For an exclusive selection of stunning yellow diamond rings that align with the luxurious appeal of Cuban links, you might want to redirect to Rare Colors, where exquisite craftsmanship meets the rarity of genuine gemstones, creating a pinnacle of jewelry design.

Cuban links used to be worn by Cuban citizens; however, they became popular in the USA when rappers started wearing them in their music videos and concerts. In fact, there is a huge market for accessories made of Cuban Links in the hip-hop world. Both among the rappers and the fans who idolize them and want to imitate their style. It is considered a type of street style. 

Cuban links have always been an integral part of hip-hop culture in the modern world. So much so that it’s also incorporated into many of their songs. We all know Bruno Mars’s hit song Uptown Funk’s line, “ Wearing Cuban links, designer minks, and Inglewood’s finest shoes.” There’s also the famous 90s band Wu-Tang Clan’s song “Only Built for Cuban Linx”. 

Cuban Links are flashy, opulent, thick, and sturdy jewelry. Rappers always like to talk about their wealth and boast about it in their songs. Pieces of jewelry are a symbol of wealth and riches; therefore, every rapper wears some sort of “bling to accentuate their look and make a statement.

So where did all of it start?

Block parties featuring hip-hop music were first held in the Bronx in 1973, thanks to DJ Kool Herc. He brought his sense of fashion along. That was primarily inspired by Disco. So the outfits included a pair of Bell bottoms, big sunglasses, and heavy chains. 

Thicker chains were introduced in the 1980s. Rakim, LL Cool J, and Eric B. all wore golden ropes around their necks. And don’t forget about the well-known “dookie” chain from Run DMC. In the 1990s, length was everything. Biggie has his piece of Jesus. With his bandanna, Tupac had beads.

The popularity of Cuban Links among hip-hoppers fully kicked off in the 1980s and 1990s. The rise of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan in the early 1990s was one of the important events that influenced the acceptance of Cuban link chains in hip-hop. As a result of the group’s influence on the hip-hop scene and the frequent appearances of members like Raekwon and Ghostface Killah wearing Cuban link necklaces, the chain’s reputation as a fashion statement within the genre has been cemented.

Cuban link jewelry has a distinctive, hefty style with those flat links that are tightly connected and catch the light and shine crazily. You know, it’s all about that swagger and status symbol. Rappers and famous people adore wearing those gold or silver Cuban chains encrusted with diamonds or precious stones to flaunt their accomplishments. But these chains’ significance in culture goes beyond their aesthetic appeal. They have become, for some, a representation of Cuban pride and ancestry because they are Cuban in origin. Moreover, you may wear them as anklets or bracelets in addition to necklaces! So, a Cuban link is the way to go if you want to make a statement and add some major flare to your ensemble.

Cuban Link Accessories and where to Find them

Online retailers like Icecartel sell Moissanite hip hop jewelry. Moissanite diamonds come in several quality ranges. Clarity, hardness, durability, and color are among the requirements. When referring to the clarity of Moissanites, imperfections are referred to as inclusions. Icecartel uses testers to inspect their accessories and only provides Moissanites of the highest caliber. The grade assigned to all Moissanites is VVS, which stands for very very slightly inclined. 

In terms of clarity, Very Very Slightly Inclined is superior to faultless (IF or FL). It is a highly dependable place to buy Cuban Links since the minimum acceptable rating is VVF and each item of jewelry is approved by testers for Icecartel. 

Icecartel also produces personalized chains and bracelets. Within a limited time and at an affordable price range, Icecartel is highly recommended to get yourself or your loved ones amazing custom-made jewelry.  

Final Words

Cuban Links were primarily worn by rappers to show off their wealth and status loudly and proudly. Rap was growing, and its stars wore their wealth around their necks to show it off. There was little to no subtlety about it. The pattern persisted throughout the new millennium.

However, with time, things have changed. Cuban links are not as popular as it was once but now it has evolved quite a bit. It is now met with newer designs and styles. There are options for both elegance and plain and traditional street style. There are also a variety according to price range. While it was made of gold and sometimes silver when it started,  currently diamond and its stimulants are used to make Cuban Link accessories. These look much more elegant and less flashy. While the cuts were limited to flattened rings before, currently there are myriad options like rounded edge cuts and baguette cuts. 

We have always been influenced by celebrities. They are the trailblazers and we follow their trends. So, if you are a rap connoisseur or just simply a fashion aficionado, you can research the amazing world of Cuban Link accessories and wear them to stand out while still being classy and elegant. Many online websites sell Cuban Link bracelets and chains made of diamonds and Moissanites. I’d recommend Moissanite as a starting point because of its indistinguishable resemblance to diamonds while offering a wider variety and colors. It is also more affordable. Icecartel sells custom-made jewelry that you can tailor-made according to your needs. 

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