Curious about the English Premier League? Here are the top 3 sports updates around the globe!

If you are an avid English Premier League fan, you enjoy cheering for Tottenham on Sunday mornings, or you simply like to watch the NFL and your favorite quarterback, you will probably enjoy getting sports updates from around the world. Since there are different sports in different countries that reign supreme – such as cricket in India, table tennis in China, hurling in Ireland, and American football in the United States of America – it can be fun to learn about other cultures and sports. Let’s see the top three sports updates that are breaking news stories right now!

Top 3 sports stories right now – read Times of Nashik to stay updated!

If you are a sports buff, you need to stay current on your news stories – read times of Nashik to learn about the latest around the world!

Not all EPL players are vaccinated

Although you may think that the English Premier League – with its millions and millions of dollars of money and its ever-growing fan base – would mandate their players to get vaccinated for the health and safety of the teams and workers. However, some teams have only a few players vaccinated on their squad. There have even been reports of some English Premier League teams only having 6-7 players in their matchday squad vaccinated from Covid-19.

This can cause controversy, as those who are unvaccinated will have to abide by separate rules than those who are vaccinated. They will have to wear masks and will have stricter quarantine rules than those who have had the jab. Furthermore, EPL teams are always traveling, in buses, hotels, and getting on planes to play Champions League matches. This means that those who are unvaccinated can be potentially transmitting the virus through their travels.

Ronaldo has joined Manchester United

Another breaking news story that you can read on Times of Nashik is about Ronaldo joining the Manchester United squad for the upcoming EPL season. Christiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the top three soccer players to ever exist, has joined Manchester United after a stint in Spain. He has already scored in his debut and has made a name for himself in the Premier League after being gone for over 16 years!

The NBA is cracking down on vaccination rules

Along with the EPL players not being vaccinated and the organization not mandating a vaccine, the NAB has a different stance. Some teams are simply fed up with some players not abiding by the rules. There has been a recent rule that just came out yesterday stating those who are unvaccinated may be out of the 2021-2022 season. Read more details on TImes of Nashik about how the National Basketball Association could prevent players who are unvaccinated from being able to participate in the league in the upcoming season!


By staying up to date on the laser’s sports updates and news stories, you can learn more about sports around the globe. Keep up to date on the latest English Premier League news, read about the vaccination rules for players in various leagues around the world, and stay current on the NBA teams.

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