Curly hair guide for beginners

Often, when we talk about hair, we think about smoothness. But when it is curly, hair is strikingly beautiful if maintained properly. Not all curly hair is the same, and the saying “every curl has its own whim” is proof of that. Many women have curly hair. However, because of improper care they have only a few whirls. We often see dull, slightly waved hair that has lost elasticity and volume that could revive with the right products. For example, Dianella offers exceptional vegan, paraben-free haircare products that would bring your hair back to its natural shine and healthy. If you want to learn more about curly hair and how to start treating your curls properly, keep reading this article. 

Straightened Curls

Curls tend to straighten and lose their shine over time. But Why is this happening? Just because you don’t know the right tricks. For example, do not comb curly hair when it is dry! It may be simple advice, but it’s not. Curly hair, unlike straight hair, has a different texture. Curly hair care is very different from straight hair, as well as the products that should be used to have that shine and softness are typically found only in the best beauty salons. Today we talk about how to take care of curly hair, the best tricks, and practical tips to have the hair of a lioness, energetic, beautiful, and shiny, with the help of Paris Mode’s hair clip collection!

It is well-known that those with curly hair often want straight hair, which is considered much easier to style. But it is not necessary! Proper care and styling tricks will allow you to keep your wild curls, plus make them silky and shiny. Learn how to take care of your curly hair with a few simple tricks. Where to start to have perfect curls? Definitely from the drying out!

The first rule for shiny curly hair starts with drying. Curly hair tends to dry easily, and often needs special care. Natural circles of curly hair contribute for hhypersensitive scalp, and some products can be harmful, so choose natural hair care. It is because of this reason that curly hair should be handled with care when still wet. So how do you proceed? 

How to wash and dry curly hair?

First of all, wrap the curls in a towel, pressing gently so that the towel absorbs the water after washing, without ever drying them with excessive force. Don’t use a cotton towel. If you can’t find a silk one, you can dry your hair with a t-shirt instead. 

A comb with wide teeth is recommended to remove the knots of curls or, alternatively, use your fingers to prevent hair breakage. However, it is best to comb it only under the shower (while the water is running). 

Don’t use brushes: if you use them, the curls straigthen, making your hair look puffy and tousled.

Before washing your hair, use conditioner. You can use the one from Dianella. It is perfect for your beautiful shiny curls. To block the steam from the shower and, therefore, moisture, the enemy of curly hair (and not only), use a cap when washing your body.

Mix a little natural shampoo with a small amount of conditioner: this will give your hair hydration. Apply the mixture, starting from the top of the head, gently massage the scalp, focusing mainly on the roots (the thickest area), and after a few minutes, continue to the tips.

If you have dry hair: go straight to the conditioner and skip the shampoo. Wash your hair with conditioner several times a week to prevent excessive puffiness, but do not do over three times a week.

Never comb your dry curls: use a wide comb only when shampooing and never after drying. This way, you will avoid creating that puffy effect. That is agitating for many curly girls.

When it comes to hair care, curls love a rich diet. It is practically impossible to moisturize excessively curly hair. Shampoos and rinses with natural lipids such as shea butter, jojoba oil or macadamia oil cover the diet for most curly hairs with individuality. They cover the hair with a transpired layer of vitamin richness. It ensures that the texture of your hair is preserved. Styling products should also specially designed for curly hair to leave curls elastic without drying or damaging the hair. The heat from the hair dryer further dries curly hair. That is the reason to leave it to dry alone in the open.

This drying technique is suitable for those girls who have very long curly hair. The length of the hair and, therefore, its weight will make the hair look flat and without volume. “This technique consists of drying the hair by pinching with small tongs directly at the roots, so the hair stays ‘raised’ and is much less flat and more beautiful. So, to continue…

Step By Step

  • Wash your hair well. 
  • Untangle it with your fingers.
  • Avoid the brushes that straighten the curls. 
  • Apply your favorite products like those by Dianella. Use masks and serums that give your hair more strength.
  • Divide the whole hair into six sections and carefully lift the strands by applying the clips. You can dry your hair using a diffuser. This technique is very suitable for those with thick hair.

Volumize curls with the Scrunching technique

This method consists of precisely taking the hair strands in your hand from the bottom up using a cotton T-shirt or microfiber cloth. The difference is that the texture of the fabric doesn’t damage the strands but only dries your curls, reducing puffiness and breakage. Scrunch your hair with your hands while wrapped in the t-shirt. Once again, be sure to use products suitable for styling curly hair.

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