Dangers That Can Arise from Welding

welding Means to join two pieces of metal together by heating the metal until it melts into a homogeneous one, or by adding a wire to form a bond.

The most widely used welding methods are as follows:

1. Gas welding

It is welding which is classified as a fusion welding method. The heat source used is from combustion between fuel gas acetylene and oxygen gas. The temperature of complete combustion is high 3200. degrees Celsius and there will be no soot or smoke.

2. Electric welding (Arc Welding)

Electric welding, also known as welding of metals by means of “arc” welding. The heat used in welding is caused by arcing between the workpiece and the welding wire, which melts the wire to feed the metal. to the welding line

3. Compression welding (Press Welding)

Compression welding means joining two metals together by applying heat to the workpiece in the area to be welded and then compressing the melt until the workpieces stick together as a point or form the usable heat line. Electrical resistance such as spot welding (Spot Welding)

4. TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding)

It is a method of welding metals by using the heat generated by an arc between tungsten wire and the workpiece by covering the welding area and the melting pond with inert gas to prevent the outside atmosphere from reacting to the welding area.

5. MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas Welding)

MIG welding is a welding process that is heated by an arc between a wire and a workpiece. The wire used is a bare wire that is continuously fed to the arc area and acts as a filler metal. Also, the melting pond area is covered with inert gas to prevent condensation with air.

6. Submerged Arc Welding

Under-flux welding is an electric welding process that is heated by an arc between a bare wire and a welding workpiece, where granular flux is covered over the arc and flux area. Close to the weld will melt cover the weld to prevent the outside air from reacting to the weld, the flux away from the weld will not melt and can not be recycled again.

“Now let’s talk about the dangers that can arise from welding. which we have raised 4 topics for you to read

1. Arc fire hazard

In addition to the bright light from the arc lights that we see. There is also something that comes but we can’t see, namely ultraviolet light and infrared light. eye damage and can cause skin burns. Therefore, electric welding workers Therefore, there must be standard protective equipment. normal black glass or even goggles for gas welding May not be used to protect against radiation from arc lights. Ultraviolet radiation emitted by the arc light of the welding torch. will cause irritation in the eyes welder in training Will not be fluent with the closing-open stroke of the welding mask may cause frequent miss looking into the arc. until having to go to bed need to be treated for several days Too much carelessness can lead to loss of sight and even blindness. This is one reason At educational establishments, there must be a connecting room and establishments should have a screen to cover the light. No harm to others and prying children looking into the arc.

2. Danger of gas vapor and welding fumes.

Although it seems that arc fire is not direct combustion. But during welding, a large amount of oxygen is lost in the air. In addition, the melting of the wire and the burning of the wire sheath flux produces smoke and polluted air that requires good ventilation. Or there is a system to extract toxic fumes from the surrounding area. arc point out

3. The danger of heat

Welding is the melting of metals together, so the heat generated must be taken into account. Metal water and slacks may splash on the welder or other objects in the area, causing a fire. Burn wounds are more difficult to heal than other accidental wounds, so safety and personal protection should not be neglected. The metal can become very hot. Even if it doesn’t emit light to be sure to pick it up It’s best to use tongs. Within a radius of about 10 meters from the connection point must not have fuel in that area. Dry sand can be a good fire extinguisher in an emergency that should be prepared quickly.

4. Life-threatening accident

Is there electricity? We can’t see that Welders should not be underestimated. The Germans will always warn each other not to weld with bare hands. We need to wear gloves to prevent potential hazards.

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