Deadliest Day on the Road for Truckers

Being a trucker is a challenging job as the truck is hard to maneuver like other cars. That is why you need to have the right qualifications for you to be a trucker. Irrespective of the driver’s qualification, accidents can occur along the way, and in Missouri, there have been numerous reported cases. Many factors can lead to such accidents, such as poor weather, climate, distracted drivers, and construction barriers. One of the Deadliest day on the road in Missouri is Tuesday, even though most people assume that the most dangerous day for accidents is weekends. Still, from the federal motor carrier safety demonstration report and the Missouri state highway patrol traffic, weekdays have high accident rates than weekends. This article will explore the deadliest day on the road for truckers.

When The Accidents Happen

Most crushes in Missouri happen on weekdays, and precisely the highest being on Tuesday over the last ten years. From 2011 to 2020, the number of accidents occurring on Tuesdays is 23,113. This is followed by Friday, with a total of 22,773. The highest had 195 crashes for the large tracks. However, the number decreases during the weekends, with Saturday having an average of 10,342 from 2011-2020 in Missouri.

Causes Of the Accidents

The primary cause of the truck accident can be associated with speeding of the trucks, especially on weather roads. Additionally, some trucking companies fail to properly maintain their vehicles, increasing the chances of them causing an accident. It’s crucial to have well-qualified truckers who can follow the set regulations to prevent accidents.

What is the Requirement In Missouri for Drivers

Most of the accidents that occur in the trucking industry are often caused by drivers. Some drivers may lack the correct qualification, which h can make them ignore the traffic regulations, and it’s dangerous as it can lead to fatal accidents. To be qualified as a commercial truck driver, you must be 18 years old to drive within the state and be eligible to get a driver’s license. However, to drive tractor-trailers in interstate commerce, you must be 21years and have a current non-commercial license. Additionally, you must meet the medical certification requirement to be eligible.

The Measure in Place in Trucking Industry

The laws help to guide the trucking industry and to help prevent the occurrence of accidents. The Missouri and federal laws require truck drivers to keenly inspect their trucks and resolve any issue that could cause a crush. If you don’t know what to examine for, you can look for a professional to help you.

Additionally, the state and federal inspectors can do a roadside inspection to ensure your track is safe and truck drivers follow the set regulations. Further, truck drivers can be disqualified if they operate a commercial truck with 0.04% and more alcohol content in their blood. If a driver refuses to undergo the alcohol testing, they will be disqualified. They will be disqualified when an accident happens, and the truck driver leaves the scene. These regulations are crucial to ensure the trucker is sober on the road and takes the right measures to ensure the safety of other people.

Wrapping Up:

The trucker has a responsibility to ensure they drive safely. With the statistics and the wort day being on Tuesday, truckers need to be careful when driving on this day around Missouri to prevent causing more accidents.

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