Different Ways to Use Immunity Boosting Ingredients in Cakes, Desserts and Edibles

Everyone is talking about building and boosting immunity. It is because we are all under the threat of deadly viruses. One potential way to fight is to have a fortified immunity. You are daily told to eat immunity-boosting ingredients like fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and whatnot. However, there are times when your taste buds scream for something lip-smacking and that’s when the tug of war between the head and heart starts. The heart wants savoury but the head tells us to be healthy. What’s the way out? Try blending immunity-boosting ingredients in your cakes and desserts and win the battle. Incorporating and making desserts is easier than you think. Sometimes baking is not the option, you can go for online deliveries and will tell you everything how to do it in the safest manner possible.

Immunity-Boosting Fruits

Fruits are a source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Different kinds of fruits have different nutrients that are good for the body in one way or another. But, we would vouch for citrus fruits. For stronger immunity fruits high in Vitamin C like lemon, grapefruit orange are recommended. These also help in building white blood cells. Pomegranate is especially excellent for immunity. Let’s see how to incorporate these into cakes and desserts.

  • Fruit Cake: You must have heard of fruit cake. Just a twist, it’s an immunity booster fruit cake. The cake will be topped with slices of immunity-boosting fruits. Bake the cake with whole wheat flour (all-purpose flour is not healthy), cover it with whipped vanilla cream. What’s a cake without some cream? Then, top it with slices of oranges, lemon, and grapefruit. Add some pomegranate too. As promised we would tell you an alternative to baking. You can avail Bakingo’s cake delivery in Mumbai or any city of fruit cakes loaded with these choicest fruits. For the COVID- 19 times, they are providing contactless delivery.
  • Lemon Zest Cake: A moist lemon zest cake tastes sour and sweet, the perfect combination your taste buds crave for. Bake this cake cream cheese to neutralize the excess sour taste. Add lemon zest in the batter and top it with nicely cut lemon slices. This cake recipe is perfect for evenings or midnight cravings.
  • Orange Cake: Yes, it’s a thing to relish. Orange cakes are quite popular and readily available with online bakeries. The ones you get online are layered and topped with whipped cream and chocolate to make it even tastier. You can bake at home as well by adding orange puree to the batter for flavour and colour.

It’s quite easy to bake cakes with immunity booster fruits. Apart from cakes, you can make other dessert and edible items like a chocolate tart with lemon curd filling or grapefruit cooler to beat the summers.

Immunity-Boosting Nuts and Seeds

Nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachios aid in giving a boost to immunity and goes well with cakes, desserts, and edibles. Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios have healthy fats; they substantially help in building immunity.

  • Walnut Choco Cake: Bake a chocolate cake and top it with chopped walnuts and drizzle some chocolate syrup on top. You have got your recipe for taste and health. Chocolate-walnut cakes are available with online bakeries as well.
  • Pistachio Cake: One of the bakeries that we have mentioned earlier, Bakingo is providing eggless Pistachio cake baked and loaded with the goodness of Pistachios.
  • Choco-chip almond cookies: If you know how to bake cookies, add to it a punch of crushed almonds for good health. You can use almond shavings in cakes.

In addition to nuts, there are chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds that assist in immunity and health. You can add these to your smoothies, shakes or use to make granola bars.

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