Dilijit Dosanjh Net Worth 2021

A brilliant actor, singer and social media celebrity Dilijit Dosanjh was born in India in 6 January 1984. Dilijit’s primary income of source is singing and acting in movies as he got fame both these two categories. He did his first work in 2000 as a singer. Now he is approximately gainer of $16 Million. He is now considered one of the essential artists in the Punjabi music industry.

Net Worth: Approximately around $16 Million

Full name Daljit Singh/ Dilijit Dosanjh
Date of Birth 6 January 1984
Birthplace Dosanjh Kalan, Punjab, India
Nationality Indian
Age 36
Profession Actor, singer

Dililits estimated Earnings at a glance:

Total revenue $16 Million
Per year $2.56 million
Per month $214.33k
Per week $49.24k
Per day $7.14k
Per hour $294.23
Per-minute $4.88
Per second $0.08

Dosanjh ranked 39 positions in Indian Forbes as he earned 36.91 crore Indian rupees in a year.

Professional Earnings:

Daljit is not only a brilliant singer, but he is also an outstanding actor who acted in both Punjabi and Bollywood Movies. Dosanjh has done few works with Yo Yo Honey Singh. In early ages, Dosanjh comforts with singing a single track, and he released his first album ‘Ishq Da Uda’ in 2004. He got his fame very quickly after realising his third album ‘Smile’ including the top 10 Punjabi songs in which the two of the most sales song at that time ‘Nachh Diyan Alran and Pagan’. This brilliant actor awarded record five-time PTC Punjabi Film Awards as the best actor. Dilijit made his Bollywood debut in 2016. $996.7 million was the worldwide collection of his first movie. On his second Bollywood film, he got huge success, and that film grossed over $5 million in the box office. Dosanj won the PTC Punjabi Music Awards in 2010 on the category of Best Folk Pop Album. He earns a lot due to his acting and his singing. Dosanjh also roled as a judge for different kind of tv programs and take a healthy payment.

Using Media:

Dilijit has 9.4 million followers on Instagram and has a youtube channel of his own with 1.76 million subscribers. His recent uploaded Official music video “GOAT” has already 62 million views within a month only and generally got 15 million- 20 million watch on his uploaded videos. Dosanjh makes unbelievable earning using youtube.

Dilijit’s live programs give extra joys to the audience. For developing his music videos, he works with many outstanding directors like Rimphy Prince, Parmod Sharma and many others. Dosanjh used to performs in live stage concerts and given a high payment. He has appreciated a lot for his cosmic rules in films. On every sector, Dilijit works he earns.

Dilijit is one of the most successful artists in the Punjabi industry, he made his necessary things like houses, cars due to his acting and singing and his revenue is increasing day by day.